Scripture is clear that it is belief, and not works, that is the basis of salvation. Any salvation that is dependent upon one’s works, either to obtain it, or to maintain it (i.e, “keeping up with one’s repentance”), is a false salvation.

But, what belief is necessary to be saved? Scripture is clear that Satan and his demons believe—and, their belief is higher than simple human belief, because they see both the physical and the spiritual realms, and they believe. Man sees only the physical.

Messiah Himself stated that some people will believe with all joy for awhile, but then they will fall away, because they have no root (they never received the source of life). So, obviously, when scripture speaks of the belief that saves, and of “believers” themselves, it refers to something beyond the human act of belief alone.

1 John 5:10 explains it for us. Those who are deemed “believers” are those who have the Witness (Greek: evidence) in them. He is the evidence that is given to those who have been made children of the Most High. But, contrary to popular christian teachings, man is not the one who places the Witness within himself. The Witness can only be given by the Father, and He is given in the Father’s timing—not by man’s control or direction.

So, praying a prayer is not salvation. Making a decision is not salvation. Changing your lifestyle is not salvation. Being a good christian is not salvation. Obeying commandments is not salvation. Asking forgiveness for sins is not salvation. Accepting Christ into your heart is not salvation. Giving your life to Christ is not salvation. These are all actions of man.

Salvation is a gift given by the Father, and, for Messiah’s bride, it occurs ONLY when the covenant is placed within those who have believed in Messiah Yahoshua, and have confessed Him before others. When the covenant is placed within them, He is the Witness who testifies to them that they have been made children of Yah. And, contrary to what is largely taught in christianity, He does not give that confirmation in writing (scripture cannot confirm that anybody is born again).

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