Throughout the historical accounts provided in scripture, we see an earthly nation of people called Y’isra-el, who are actually a physical foreshadow of a spiritual real substance that is later revealed. The physical foreshadow received the physical covenant, and that is a picture, or physical representation, of a spiritual covenant being given to a spiritual people.

Paul explains in verses like Romans 2:29 and Galatians 3:28-29 that the real substance of the Jews who comprise Y’isra-el is spiritual, not physical. It is anyone of any race or bloodline who receives the spiritual covenant, which is the seal of the Holy Spirit—the covenant of marriage (or “ketubah”).

So, the real substance of Y’isra-el is a spiritual people, not a physical one. Those who are part of Y’isra-el are made a part of her by something spiritual, not because of anything physical, or outward. As we see in passages like Romans 11, the physical Jews who rejected Messiah Yahoshua were cut off from Y’isra-el. Anyone who receives the covenant (Acts 2) is grafted into Y’isra-el. That which is grafted into a tree becomes a part of the tree.

So, Y’isra-el being Messiah’s bride, who is Babylon? We can see Babylon early on in the scriptures with the Tower of Babel. Now, do you have any idea who the king was that came up with that stupendous idea? His name was Nimrod. Nimrod became Baal (the sun god), and his wife Semiramis (who was also Nimrod’s mother) became Ishtar.

After Nimrod was killed, Semiramis created a mystery religion in which Nimrod became the sun god Baal, and she became the moon goddess Ishtar. After Nimrod had been killed, she got pregnant and claimed that the child was conceived by her dead husband/son who was the sun god, and that it was the rays of the sun that impregnated her.

That son was named Tammuz, and the pagan holydays of lent and easter are tied directly to Tammuz and Ishtar (Ezekiel 8 & 9). The pagan holyday of christ-mass is tied to Nimrod, who is Baal—the sun god.

So, like Y’isra-el, Babylon was an actual physical people, but Babylon is later revealed as a spiritual people.

After the New Testament apostles had all died, a new religion was invented by combining some scriptural truth together with pagan worship and traditions. The Father’s true traditions were abolished (those things the Father FIRST gave to the physical Jews, and then also to the real substance, who are Messiah’s bride), and pagan traditions were wrapped in the name of their new messiah, whom they called “iesous” and later, “jesus.”

The early christians so hated the physical Jews that they rejected the true foundations of the faith, and changed the Hebrew names of people, including Messiah Yahoshua, to Greco-Roman counterfeits.

And, what specific holydays became the basis of christianity’s calendar? The traditions of physical Babylon were adopted as the holydays of spiritual Babylon—the observances that are directly tied to Baal (Nimrod), Ishtar (Semiramis), and Tammuz. Those are the holiest of christianity’s holydays (SUNday assembling, christ-mass, easter, etc.).

Semiramis (Ishtar) called herself “the mother of God and the queen of heaven”. So, when christianity was invented, what did they do with that one? They just made Semiramis into Mary.

The spiritual head of Babylon is Rome, which is where christianity was invented (by Constantine and his Roman accomplices—the “church fathers”), and her false belief system reaches around the world, both into the Roman “church,” and also her Protestant daughters.

Now, the government of Babylon is a different story. That entity is the largest “christian” nation on the planet, and, like the opulence of the Vatican, the United States is the wealthiest country in the world, and is the financial mecca for most all other nations. It is the governmental and financial arm of the spiritual head, which is Rome.

So, when we’re told in scriptural prophecy that Babylon will be destroyed by the Antichrist, it is speaking of ALL of Babylon—the spiritual head and its government. Seeing all the christians on TV, in Congress, and elsewhere, wearing an ash cross on their foreheads each year—the plea for the pagan god Odin’s protection—it is clear how pervasive Babylon’s reach is in our country.

Babylon mostly abhors the Father’s traditions, and falsely states that its religion (christianity) rightly abolished them. But, those who know the Father’s traditions, and understand them, prophetically, realize just how integral they are, not only in understanding the true path to salvation (in the Passover), but also how all of prophecy will play out in the very near future, as the traditions themselves reveal the prophetic calendar.

Messiah’s bride is Y’isra-el; the “church” is just the world’s counterfeit of her.

The heading of this post would be more accurate by changing the word “AND” to “IS.”

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