Having now come through the paganist of pagan seasons (well, one of the two big paganism-filled seasons of christianity), we once again saw christians fall into two basic camps. First, there are those who openly celebrate the paganism, like “churches” having egg hunts and bunnies, and folks who fill their newsfeeds with lies about easter being the day that Messiah rose again.

These are the christians who are so spiritually blind that they have no clue how spiritually wicked their celebrations are. In fact, many of them likely have no idea that easter existed for many centuries before Messiah was born. I have had christians respond to me in shock when they are told that easter didn’t start with Christ’s resurrection.

And then, there are those who seem to sense something amiss with the whole idea of “easter,” so they try to temper their paganism by saying things like, “I think we should call it ‘Resurrection Day.” Or, they declare their spiritual purity by saying, “It’s not about the eggs or the bunnies or the candy, it’s about ‘jesus’ (false name) and his resurrection.”

They are the same christians who denounce all things “halloween,” but then have “trunk-or-treat” at their “church,” and do everything that the world does, but just in their “church” parking lot.

These christians sometimes even go so far as to assert that “easter is not about a bunny, but about a lamb.” Well, no, that’s actually a lie. Easter IS all about eggs and bunnies. That’s the true meaning of easter, which is wholly about Ishtar and Tammuz.

It is a form of insanity to acknowledge that Messiah is the “perfect Lamb of God,” and then associate that with easter, which has nothing whatsoever to do with Him, instead of just proclaiming the truth about the matter: that Messiah is the PASSOVER LAMB, and that He was crucified on Passover, and He rose again on the Feast of Firstfruits.

And, it dawned on me what these two groups actually are. They are adulterers (as the pagan holydays of christianity are legitimately spiritual adultery). But, the first group doesn’t try to hide the adultery, and they openly demonstrate the enjoyment they receive from the adultery.

But, the other group is like one who enters into an adulterous relationship, but then claims that he only thinks about his spouse while he is committing the adultery. He doesn’t think about the harlot while he is intimate with her, but he says that he keeps thoughts of only his wife in his mind.

This is the delusion of a false belief system that is a masterful counterfeit of the evil one. And, even when the completely false nature of the pagan christian holydays are explained, most christians are more invested in the fleshly gratification they receive from the pagan celebrations than they are in accepting the truth about them, and honoring the actual days that are all about Messiah, which are the Father’s Sabbaths.

But, adultery by any other name is still adultery. Paganism by any other name is still paganism—even if the paganism is wrapped in “jesus” paper. Evil cannot be made good simply by calling it something else, or foolishly attaching Messiah to it (which is what it actually means to “take His name in vain”).

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