It is so disheartening seeing how many people fall for the bizarre lie of “good friday” each year. It is indicative of ignorance of the scriptures and of the Father’s traditions. They make Messiah a liar when He said He would be in the earth for three days AND three nights.

Christians often make the goofy claim that part of a day was considered a day, so they bolster their Friday crucifixion fairytale with nonsense about part of Friday being a day, all day Saturday, and part of Sunday being “three days AND three nights.”

But, even that is absurd, because the Jewish days started and ended at sundown. And, the scriptures are clear that Messiah died around 3:00 in the afternoon, and it was a major rush to get Him off the cross and in the tomb before sundown by law (and because at sundown it became the next day, which was a high Sabbath—Unleavened Bread).

So, the demonstrably false nonsense peddled by christianity that the crucifixion occurred on a Friday would mean the following:

Messiah was placed in the tomb right before it became the next day, which they claim would have been Saturday. So, let’s see, He was in the tomb Saturday night and then Saturday day (for the Jews, the night preceded the day), and then at sundown Saturday, it became the first day of the week, and we know that He rose again before the next sunrise.

Really? How blind does one have to be to think that Saturday night and day, and then part of Sunday night constitutes “three days AND three nights”? I’m serious here. Just how invested in a lie must one be to continually fall for what is not even a good deception?

And then, to add insult to deluded injury, christianity calculates the crucifixion off of easter, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with Messiah! Why don’t christians even question what the meaning of easter is? Where did the name come from? There is no reference to any believer in the New Testament ever celebrating something called “easter,” and yet, it is the holiest of days on the christian calendar? Go figure.

It is a complete lie, and it is just so sad seeing how many people are deceived by it.

But, just bring up the truth about these things—that Messiah was crucified on Passover (which fell on a Wednesday that year), and He rose again during the night on the Feast of Firstfruits, and many christians will lose their minds, screaming “Judaizer,” and “We’re not under the law!”

How absolutely STUPID is THAT? Passover and Firstfruits are the actual days of these events, and to so many christians, teaching those true days is like they have just received anthrax in their mail. It is forbidden to bring up anything that is found in the Old Testament to them. It’s just downright foolish.

And still, pastors across the world will peddle the pagan lies of Babylon to the unwitting folks sitting in their pews all decked out in their finest clothes, like it has anything to do with Messiah’s death, burial, or resurrection. Many of them even have a sunrise service, which is wholly pagan (we see the same ritual in Ezekiel 8:16—an offense that ended with those participants being put to death at the Father’s command).

Oh, that christians would simply use some common sense to see that they have been duped by a counterfeit of the true faith! Oh, that they would recognize that they are caught in a false belief system of pagan worship, idolatry, and traditions of men.

Messiah Yahoshua was born on TABERNACLES, He was crucified on PASSOVER, He was in the tomb during UNLEAVENED BREAD, He rose again on FIRSTFRUITS, and the covenant of marriage was given to His bride seven weeks later on WEEKS.

His bride will be gathered to Him in the air, and taken to the wedding chamber on TRUMPETS, He will return to the earth in judgment on ATONEMENT, and He will establish His 1000-year earthly reign on TABERNACLES.

Ain’t no bunny rabbits, eggs, mistletoe, or gift-exchanges in ANY of those days.


For more information: The Good Friday Lie

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