Most all of the false interpretations of the prophetic texts of scripture come from not knowing or understanding the Father’s traditions. The three spiritual harvests are vital to understand the order that things will happen, and when those will occur in relation to one another.

So, if there is some “end times” guru who tells you that he’s got it all figured out, but he doesn’t know or understand the three harvests, he’s not telling you the truth (he may think he is, but he’s deluded by the traditions of men and his own false beliefs). Often, such false teachers will tell you that there is A harvest (singular) at the end, not knowing there are three harvests, and that each represents a different group of people.

Also, not knowing that there are three harvests, they don’t understand that, when a scripture passage is speaking of some future event, it is imperative to understand in which harvest that event occurs.

Just like many other issues of scriptural context, which fuel so many false teachings in the “church,” knowing the context of which harvest an event occurs in is the only way to properly interpret those scriptures. So often, christians will quote scriptures about the wheat harvest, but wrongly attribute them to the barley harvest (barley is the bride, wheat are the tribulation saints), not even realizing the vast differences between them.

There were three times a year when all Jewish men were required to assemble together at the temple (Yah’s house), and each of those times is tied directly to one of the three harvests (it’s as if all this stuff were intricately designed and pre-ordained).

Just saying that you “believe scripture” is pretty meaningless, until you actually understand scripture (Luke 24:45). The demons believe scripture—and they also understand it, which is saying a lot more than those who believe the false teachings of christianity.

Learn the Father’s traditions if you want to understand what is all getting ready to start very soon. Those traditions include the Sabbaths (weekly and annual), the wedding traditions, and the temple ordinances and practices (especially as they apply to the harvests).

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