When your flesh leads you to post memes condemning the fleshly sins of others, let me ask you, just who do you think you’re reaching with it? Spiritually, the answer is actually “nobody,” as this is about as far from the true Gospel of Yahoshua as you can get. I know it’s a common christian hobby, but it is not of the Holy Spirit.

Listen, I get it. Homosexuality is one of the most popular sins that christians LOVE to publicly condemn. But, most christians falsely believe it is something that will keep people out of heaven. If homosexuality will keep someone out of heaven, then so will lying, so will overeating, or getting drunk, or causing strife with your neighbor. There is no difference in homosexuality and any other sex outside of marriage (which, by definition, is between a man and a woman). It is all sin of the flesh. But, there is only one sin that condemns, and it has nothing to do with sex.

I understand the fight against the gay agenda, which is political and perverse, but political fights are not spiritual fights. And, national politics will not be changed because some christians say the bible says something. Most christians don’t even know who the scriptures were written to and for.

Unbelievers are condemned already because of their unbelief (John 3:18), so there is no sin of the flesh that can make any unbeliever “more condemned.” The unbeliever is already headed to hell because of unbelief. And, if an unbeliever merely stops being a homo, he is still headed for hell. So, it isn’t being a homo that will keep him from heaven, it’s unbelief.

Those who are true believers (confirmed personally by the Holy Spirit within them) cannot go to hell, so ALL sins of the flesh are matters of relationship and reward, but not eternal destiny.

Scripture is clear that, before addressing any believer who has been overtaken by a particular sin of the flesh, the one doing the confronting is to make sure he is not in the same boat first (overtaken by some other sin of the flesh), and then, it should only be the most mature believers who address that sin with the person. Again, this applies only to true believers, as unbelievers are condemned already.

So, this common “weapon of christian superiority” might feed your fleshly desire to feel more “spiritual” than others, but it demonstrates that you are just as fleshly and carnal as the one committing that sin of the flesh. A christian who claims that sins of the flesh will keep someone out of heaven is just as likely to miss heaven as the worst murderer or homosexual. Only those who have the Holy Spirit (and have been given the evidence of that BY HIM directly, not in writing) will be in heaven, and that is not determined by ANY work, either good or bad.

Paul said, “We preach Christ crucified.” He didn’t say, “We preach straight sex only.” You’ll hardly get any unbeliever to the truth by preaching about sins of the flesh, because sins of the flesh have nothing to do with his condition. It is the believer who is to make himself holy (by crucifying his flesh). The unbeliever cannot do that apart from being made righteous first, and righteousness doesn’t come by not committing sins of the flesh.

Without being told by the Holy Spirit that one is Yah’s child, the christian, the homosexual, the murderer, the democrat, the republican, the pastor, the pew-warmer—will ALL be condemned to hell. Make certain the Holy Spirit has confirmed who you are in Yahoshua the Messiah before you try to deal with anybody else’s sin.

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