Christianity falsely teaches that man’s decision, or prayer, or change of lifestyle, are salvation, but that is simply not true. Man is to believe in Messiah Yahoshua and confess his belief to others, and after his belief is tested (the “trying of one’s faith”), the covenant will be received.

Just because the Holy Spirit is leading and guiding someone into deeper spiritual understanding, that doesn’t mean that he has received the covenant. In fact, it is most common for that period of guidance that follows man’s belief (repentance from unbelief) to be a time where the Holy Spirit reveals many of His truths to a person.

We see the disciples spending a few years with Messiah, who was indwelt by the Holy Spirit at His baptism, so they were WITH the Holy Spirit and were being taught by Him through Messiah. And, after Messiah was crucified and rose again, He came back to the disciples and explained that the things He had spoken of to them were exactly what was foreshadowed in the Law of Moses, the Psalms, and the Prophets.

But, it wasn’t until that moment that the Holy Spirit opened their spiritual eyes so they could understand the meanings of the scriptures (Luke 24:45). It is important to note that, at that point, they were still being led by the Holy Spirit, they were being taught by the Holy Spirit, but they had not yet received the covenant—the Holy Spirit was not indwelling them, but He was with them. They didn’t receive the covenant until it was revealed on the Feast of Weeks (Acts 2).

The Israelites were led out of Egypt by the Passover, and they went through the Red Sea. That is what is represented in the Outer Courtyard of the tabernacle. After that, they were led by the Holy Spirit (pillar of cloud and fire—altar of incense and menorah), and sustained by Him (manna—bread of the presence). The Holy Place represents the Israelites being led to the mountain by the Holy Spirit.

But, once at the mountain, the Israelites still had to await the giving of the covenant, and that was accomplished by Moses receiving the Ten Commandments, which was the physical covenant—a foreshadow of the spiritual covenant—the seal of the Holy Spirit.

Personally, the Holy Spirit began leading me on a journey of spiritual understanding after five decades in christianity; and from that initial realization in my heart and mind that things I had been taught and believed my whole life were not actually true, the Holy Spirit started illuminating my understanding of His truths after I was 50 years old, and it was then I chose to make a stand for my belief in Yahoshua the Messiah—His TRUE Gospel, not what christianity had taught me.

He then led me deeper into understanding His truths for a number of years before He confirmed to me, in a dream, that I had received the covenant, and am a child of Yah. Since then, He continues to broaden my understanding of His truths.

Believe in Messiah Yahoshua (Outer Courtyard), confess Him before others and endure in that belief as the Holy Spirit leads and guides (Holy Place), and then await the giving of the covenant (Holy of Holies).

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