Christianity has an interesting relationship with the Ten Commandments. First, most christians properly state that Messiah’s bride is not under the law, but is under grace. Now, many don’t properly understand who the bride is, or how one is made part of the bride (by being given the covenant), but they will correctly state that the bride is not under the law.

HOWEVER, most christians will also state that the Ten Commandments, which were the old (physical) covenant, are to be obeyed, and displayed as some sort of list of the “most important” mandates christians are to follow. Those who do not live according to the Ten Commandments, then, are to be regarded as “not christians.”

So, the bride is not under the law, but is required to live according to the old covenant, which was given to those who were commanded to live according to the law, and those who don’t live according to the old covenant are seen as not saved, even though they properly state that Messiah’s bride is not under the law.


AND, here’s where it gets even stranger. Within those ten are four that deal with how the Almighty desires His children to live in relationship with Him. BUT, out of those four, most christians openly reject two, if not three of them, which ultimately negates all four of them.

Most christians are at least secretly hostile to the Sabbath, claiming that Yah changed His mind, and made His ordained day of the week SUNday, which is just gross error. No such change has ever occurred, and claiming such a change is just false teaching.

Additionally, the commandment not to “take His name in vain” literally means “do not attach Him to what is false, worthless, or idolatrous,” which is exactly what christianity’s holydays christ-mass, easter/ishtar, and SUNday do. They attach Messiah to pagan days that have nothing to do with Him, and are, thus, false, worthless, and idolatrous.

And, what about the command concerning graven images and the veneration of likenesses?

Obviously, the RCC (the mothership of christianity) brazenly violates that commandment with its statues and relics; but what about pictures of a white European dude, claiming it’s a picture of Messiah, and at least implying some reverence for it? Isn’t that also a violation of the commandment? How many pictures of their faux “christ” are posted on social media sites by christians?

Any one of those three violations then violates the first one, for by not honoring all of them, it is not loving the Father as He desires.

What is missing in all of this is a proper understanding of what the Ten Commandments are.

They were a foreshadow of a future-revealed spiritual real substance. They were the physical covenant given to a chosen physical people as a PICTURE of the spiritual covenant being given to a chosen spiritual people (Messiah’s bride, whose name is Y’isra-el).

Remember, Paul taught in Romans 11 that the physical descendants of Abraham who rejected Messiah Yahoshua were CUT OFF from Y’isra-el, and anyone who is given the new covenant is GRAFTED INTO Y’isra-el. The branches that are grafted into a tree become A PART OF THAT TREE.

The ten commandments represent the Holy Spirit’s governing of the spiritual man through visible symbolism showing the physical instructions governing the physical man. The Ten Commandments are not the spiritual real substance, but a physical foreshadow of it.

So, when one is given the new covenant after he believed and his belief was tested, that person is “keeping the commandments,” which means to “guard, hold, or possess” them. It is not a matter of performing those commandments as a means to righteousness, but that those who are indwelt by the fulfillment of the old covenant (the seal of the Holy Spirit) are seen by the Father as righteous, for the righteousness of Messiah Yahoshua is imputed to those who have the Holy Spirit.

Simply being physically obedient to those commandments will not make one righteous before the Father, as we see with the rich young ruler (Mark 10:17-22). Messiah’s righteousness covering the believer comes only by the Holy Spirit indwelling him.

Christianity’s practical rejection of the first four commandments is merely a manifestation of its refusal to identify with the Father by honoring Him and His traditions. As a counterfeit of the true faith, christianity devised its own traditions, and it falsely teaches that the Father accepts those traditions, just because of how they feel about them.

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