How do you know if you are sincerely seeking to know the truths of the Spirit? Your desire is genuine if you are willing to walk away from lifelong beliefs—beliefs that you have held as the very foundation of who you are, spiritually—when you learn that any of your beliefs are not actually the truth, but are merely the traditions of men.

This is ESPECIALLY TRUE if what you think you know was learned in a seminary.

Often, christians will see some truth in things they have only heard about (Passover and other feasts, usually), but don’t fully understand, so they try to fit those things into their current belief systems. The problem is that adding what’s true to what is a counterfeit doesn’t make the counterfeit more true. It dilutes and negates the truth. All religions have SOME grains of truth. The Holy Spirit is ALL truth.

We should seek to know His truths above all of man’s doctrines, and be willing to forsake any doctrine that can be shown not to align perfectly with all of scripture (in its original languages and contexts) AND all of the Father’s traditions. If your truth cannot withstand that scrutiny, you can be assured that it is not HIS truth.

Sadly, christianity replaced the Father’s traditions with pagan counterfeits centuries ago, and most christians are content with remaining ignorant of the true traditions. That pagan rejection of the Father’s traditions eliminated an important compass by which to test teachings to see if they are true (which is why Paul told the Gentile converts to “hold fast and keep them” – 1 Corinthians 11:2, 2 Thessalonians 2:15).

That’s also why there are more than 41,000 christian denominations that all purport to believe and teach the same scriptures, but vary so much doctrinally among themselves—even to the point of direct doctrinal contradiction among the various denominations of christianity.

Adding the Holy Spirit’s truths to your particular flavor of christianity will not bring you to what is spiritually true; it will just give you another flavor of the counterfeit.

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