A number of years ago now, as Wifey and I were being led by the Holy Spirit OUT of the “church,” we came across some historical presentations about how the Roman Catholic “church” (christianity’s mothership) had gone into different parts of the world, and adopted the pagan gods of those cultures as “christian saints,” mixing and melding the pagan rituals and customs into Rome’s teachings.

One example that I personally experienced was the melding of christianity and voodoo in Haiti. I saw the syncretism myself when I visited Haiti in the mid 70s—catholic christians, with their priests, participating in voodoo rituals.

BUT (and this is important), christianity ITSELF is the result of syncretism. When christianity was invented in the early centuries after all the New Testament apostles had died, there was intense hatred of the physical Jews, so to distance themselves from anything even remotely “Jewey,” the early christians mixed and melded the true Gospel, which came THROUGH the Jews, with their own favorite pagan gods.

Yah’s traditions had been given FIRST to the physical Jews, as they were the foreshadow of Messiah’s bride. But, those traditions never belonged to the Jews; they have always belonged to the Father. The creators of christianity abolished the Father’s traditions (and, christians today falsely believe that the Father relinquished His days at some point, and that His days applied only to a small physical race of people).

So, the inventors of christianity (who were pagans) merely attached scriptural truths to their traditional gods of Baal, Ishtar, and Tammuz. They rejected the Father’s traditions, and instead, crafted their own versions of holydays that had already existed, and which celebrated their pagan gods.

When one understands the basis of christianity’s holyday calendar, and also the Babylonian holydays that celebrated Baal, Ishtar, and Tammuz, it becomes immediately apparent that those days are simply the same traditions of the pagans, just wrapped in “jesus” paper (christianity’s false name for Messiah Yahoshua). And, as those holydays have never been spiritually true, falsely adding things from scripture to them cannot make them true.

Baal (who was Nimrod) is actually who christians call “God,” but he is really the sun god, which is why the weekly day of assembling for christians was changed to SUNday (“the venerable day of the sun”).

Ishtar (who was Semiramis) was first married to Adam’s grandson Cush, and they had a son named Nimrod. Then after Cush had died, Semiramis married their son Nimrod. After Nimrod was killed in battle, Semiramis declared that he had ascended to the sun, and was to be called “Baal,” as he had become the sun god.

As the goddess Ishtar, Semiramis declared herself “the mother of god and queen of heaven.” Does that sound familiar? What does Roman Catholicism call Mary?

Then, Semiramis bore Tammuz, whom she claimed was conceived AFTER Nimrod had ascended to the sun (she was miraculously impregnated by the sun’s rays). When Tammuz, who loved rabbits, was hunting one day, he was killed by a wild boar, so Semiramis said that he had ascended to his father, and that both were present in the flame of a torch or lamp when they were being worshiped—their spirit was present in the flame.

So, when those in christianity claim they are worshiping the one true God of the universe, but they do it with the pagan traditions and practices that the early inventors of christianity created, they are simply deceived and deluded by the one who actually influenced Semiramis to institute her Babylonian religion of the sun. He is the father of lies.

You see, when anything false is added to what is true, the mixture immediately becomes false. As Messiah said in John 4:24, “Yah is spirit, and those who worship Him MUST do so in spirit and in TRUTH.” Since the christian holydays are not the ordained days of the Father (His Sabbaths), but are counterfeits of them that were hijacked from paganism, there is simply no way to celebrate christ-mass or easter, or assemble on the SUNday, and also worship the Father.

It cannot be done—the Holy Spirit CANNOT be a part of any of those observances.

So, those in christianity often rely on their feelings (their “heart”) and on false teachings they have heard their whole lives, to falsely declare that “it doesn’t matter what days anyone celebrates, just as long as they celebrate those things.”

If it isn’t pure truth, it is not worship of Yah, or His Son Yahoshua. Merely claiming it is does not change that fact either.

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