As we’ve discussed many times, christianity was invented by discarding the Father’s traditions, hijacking pagan rituals and observances, and then wrapping those pagan traditions in “jesus” paper. Names and days were all changed because of hatred of the Jews (which is a sure sign that the Holy Spirit had NO part in christianity’s creation and codification in the 4th century).

Take these two different matters, for example, to see the hypocrisy of picking and choosing what is valid doctrine, and what is not: the Sabbaths, and baptism.

Yah’s Sabbaths—His ordained days—exist separately from the law. And, while there were rules mandated in the written law for HOW those days were to be observed by the ancient physical Jews, Yah’s Sabbaths existed before the law was given, and they still exist now that Yah’s children are no longer under the law.

In the written law of Moses, there were strict regulations for things like food and drink, and even sex between spouses—the Jews were to obey those rules about HOW they ate and HOW they practiced spousal intimacy. But, those mandates didn’t invent food and sex—they merely governed things about HOW the Jews were to regard them in a practical sense.

So, too, were commandments given for HOW the Jews were to observe the Sabbaths. However, the fact that those laws dictated HOW the Sabbaths were to be kept doesn’t mean that the Sabbaths themselves are not distinct from the law, just as food and sex weren’t abolished when the perfection (details) and penalties of the law were nailed to the tree.

Food still exists for Yah’s children. Sex still exists for Yah’s children. The Sabbaths still exist for Yah’s children.

Yah makes a clear distinction in scripture between His laws AND His Sabbaths. They are not the same thing. However, when discussing the Sabbaths, christians will often resort to a false equivalence of the law and the Sabbaths, and claim that teaching the Sabbaths is the same as teaching the law, and keeping the Sabbaths is the same as bondage to the law, which is utter spiritual nonsense.

BUT . . . in matters of baptism, many christians have no idea that water baptism was a physical foreshadow UNDER THE LAW. As John the Baptist (under the law) said, “I baptize you with water, but one is coming who will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”

And, Messiah Yahoshua demonstrated both the physical foreshadow under the law (water baptism) and the spiritual real substance of baptism, which is receiving the Holy Spirit. One preceded the other—the law, which was a foreshadow of the Holy Spirit, preceded the Holy Spirit being poured out as the New Covenant of marriage to Messiah.

Water baptism was a physical symbol of repentance and cleansing, which are spiritual. Repentance from unbelief is the repentance necessary to receive the cleansing of the Holy Spirit. Of course, in the way of the tabernacle (the priestly progression from the Outer Courtyard to the Holy of Holies), water baptism is in the Outer Courtyard, which represents man’s belief in, and identification with, the sacrifice of the Perfect Lamb. But, that is not salvation.

To receive salvation, one must believe in Messiah Yahoshua (which is to repent from unbelief), and then confess Him before others, which is to endure in that belief—represented in the Holy Place (the Holy Spirit’s leading and provision). But one is not actually born again until he enters the Holy of Holies, which represents receiving the covenant.

So, the hypocrisy of false teachings is shown clearly in these two matters. When one teaches the Sabbaths, christians often accuse him of teaching bondage to the law, which is illogical, as the Sabbaths exist separately from the law. BUT, those same christians teach water baptism, which actually IS a mandate under the written law, but they completely miss the fact that water baptism was only a physical representation of a future revealed spiritual real substance.

The Sabbaths are given as a sign between Yah and His children. They have never been changed, and they are of Messiah. They also reveal the entire prophetic calendar. Water baptism, just like dietary restrictions, and strict rules and regulations regarding spousal intimacy, was a physical foreshadow. It is not the real substance, which is the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Anyone can follow dietary laws and sexual regulations, and can be baptized in water. None of those things has anything to do with being saved. The baptism of the Holy Spirit IS salvation, and those who are born again are not under the law of Moses, but are indwelt by the spiritual real substance the written law foreshadowed.

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