The New Testament believers did not invite unbelievers to assemble with them when they met together each Sabbath.

They assembled in their homes each Sabbath for spiritual instruction and support. Unbelievers were not a part of that assembly—the ekklesia.

There was no such thing as a “church” then, as “church” is an invention of christianity that is derived from Circe, the goddess daughter of the sun god. Believers assembled themselves together in their homes on the Sabbath each week as the Father instructed them to do (and STILL does).

Why would the believers have NOT invited unbelievers to their Sabbath fellowship? It’s because believers are commanded NOT to fellowship with unbelievers.

The believers were instructed in the ONE true faith when they met together to fellowship, and THEY would then go out and share the true Gospel of Messiah Yahoshua with others. Those who believed (repented of unbelief) could then be instructed in the assembly, as they journeyed toward receiving the covenant. If they fell away from the true faith before they were sealed by the Holy Spirit (the covenant), they would be separated from the fellowship.

Those who rejected the true Gospel of Messiah Yahoshua were not welcome within the assembly because that would be a violation of the Father’s clear instructions. The idea of believers inviting unbelievers to their assembly of believers so that their “pastor” could do what the believer was supposed to do did not happen.

Yah’s children (those who are led by the Holy Spirit) and Yah’s enemies (those who reject the Gospel of Messiah Yahoshua) have no fellowship; thus, there would have been no bringing lost friends into the fellowship assembly—the ekklesia. It is the duty of individual believers to stand openly for the one true faith with everyone they know. And, it is the duty of the ekklesia not to fellowship with unbelievers (light vs. darkness).

When someone believes in Messiah Yahoshua, that is not salvation. Salvation is given after one has believed AND confessed Messiah before everyone they know (which is to endure in belief).

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