The Lord’s house WAS the physical temple in Jerusalem, which was a foreshadow of Messiah’s bride (1 Corinthians 6:19). With the giving of the new covenant (Acts 2), the physical foreshadow of the temple was no longer necessary, as the covenant now indwells Messiah’s bride, not a building. As we’re told in Acts 7:48, Yah does not dwell in buildings made by human hands—the Holy Spirit indwells and eternally seals Messiah’s bride as the new covenant.

The New Testament believers did not go to temples to worship—it was the pagans who did that. The ekklesia assembled together in their homes for fellowship and spiritual instruction.

Furthermore, they DID assemble on the only day of the week the Father ever calls His own, which is His Sabbath—the seventh day (from sundown on what we call Friday to sundown on what we call Saturday). The false religion of christianity continued doing what pagans did—they went to temples to worship on the first day of the week, “the venerable day of the sun,” as the inventors of christianity called it.

And, the pagans went to temples to worship because that is where their pagan gods “resided.”

The temple in Jerusalem where the physical Jews went to worship is where the physical covenant was housed—in the ark of the covenant. That covenant symbolized the future covenant that would be given to Messiah’s bride, and that is why the Jews went to the temple to worship.

But, as Messiah Yahoshua explained to the Samaritan woman in John 4, there was coming a day when the Jews would no longer go to a physical temple to worship, because the true covenant would be placed within them, and worship would be wherever the covenant was, which meant that wherever Messiah’s bride goes is where worship is to occur. And (this is important), He said that those who worship the Father MUST worship in spirit and truth. That isn’t some public or private event that occurs at various times (i.e., “worship service”), but that the practical lives of Yah’s children should BE WORSHIP—it should be how they live at all times.

There are two different words in scripture that are translated as “worship.” One means “to prostrate oneself to the ground in reverence,” and the other simply means “to labor.” So, in the lives of the ekklesia, revering the Father while working to advance His kingdom on the earth covers both meanings of “worship.”

And, part of a lifestyle of worship includes honoring the day of the week the Father has set aside for His children to assemble for fellowship and spiritual instruction—the Sabbath. Assembling on the Sabbath is not worship per se, but is part of an overall lifestyle of worship. Sacrificing the flesh and maintaining separation from those of the world are also parts of a lifestyle of worship. Spreading the true Gospel of Messiah Yahoshua is worship, as are honoring and teaching Yah’s annual Sabbaths.

The pagans who invented christianity simply maintained their pagan ways, and continued worshiping at temples on the venerable day of the sun, which is nothing but sun worship wrapped in different paper.

Contrary to what many in christianity believe, worship has nothing whatsoever to do with music, and it is not an event one attends. Neither are the buildings used for christianity’s gatherings “the Lord’s house,” as He does not dwell in buildings—His Spirit dwells within Messiah’s bride. And, Messiah’s bride—Yah’s children—are instructed to assemble with one another on the Sabbath. To alter that is false worship, and according to Messiah Himself in John 4:24, is unacceptable to the Father.

Is it any wonder that Messiah Yahoshua tells the unsaved christians in Matthew 7:21-23 to depart from Him because He doesn’t know them? Sadly for them, sincerity is not gain when one is sincerely wrong, and those who are lost in the false teachings of christianity are sincerely wrong.

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