Martin Luther had an intense hatred for the Jewish people, which, coincidentally, was at the heart of the genesis of christianity itself many centuries earlier, after all the New Testament writers had died.

It should not go unnoticed that Messiah Himself is a Jew.

When christianity was invented, because of the hatred the early christians had for the Jews, they sought to separate themselves from anything and everything associated with them. Not understanding that the traditions that were given ALONG WITH the law never belonged to the Jews (they are wholly the Father’s traditions), the elimination of those things removed the true foundations of the faith.

Now, with the foundations removed, what was left was not of Yah, so it was then natural just to merge their false understandings of scripture along with the pagan rituals and traditions with which they were wholly familiar and comfortable. This new unholy mixture was then called “christianity.”

Fast-forward to the Reformation.

The “reformation” didn’t actually reform anything back to the truth, but merely denounced some of the more egregious debauchery of the Roman Catholic Church, while maintaining the systemic foundations of it. So, with the reformation, the world ended up with Roman Catholic and Roman Catholic Lite, both of which exist under the umbrella of christianity.

And, to this day, while most christians verbally denounce any hatred of the Jews, they still maintain the belief system that such hatred created. Sadly, their false belief system doesn’t just maintain a separation from the Jews, but is wholly separate from the Father and His traditions.

And, if one is separate from the Father, he is separate from the Son. Because of their literal ignorance of these things, many christians will mock and ridicule the Sabbaths (plural), the wedding traditions, and the foreshadows shown in the temple ordinances, as irrelevant relics that have nothing to do with them.

And, they’re right, as those things are given only to Yah’s children—they were never given to any other group or religion, including christianity.

The Father’s traditions are family identifiers, and He desires His children to identify with Him by identifying with His traditions. And, His traditions provide instruction into the details of the spiritual real substances that were revealed after Yahoshua’s sacrifice—the fulfillment of the Passover.

That’s why Paul told the Gentile converts to “hold fast and keep” those traditions he had taught them. Not only do they keep true believers from being swayed by false teachings, they also reveal the prophetic calendar. They are “a shadow of the things to come.” Christianity’s rejection of the Father’s traditions leaves it without an important compass of spiritual discernment the Father provided for His children.

So, whether “churches” celebrate Halloween or Reformation Day, they are both derived by the same forces of darkness that seek to deceive the world through religion and counterfeits of the faith. The New Testament believers would recognize neither as spiritual truth.

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