If you think that your water baptism had anything to do with your salvation, then you had better be able to present that evidence at your judgment. Certainly a bit of the water from that pool will be necessary to provide proof that there was some water that got on you and completed your salvation.

It is likely, also, that one who views water baptism as part of salvation would also point to specific scriptures as the confirmation of his salvation. Often, such people will declare that a specific human translation of the scriptures is the actual “inspired word of God,” not knowing WHO the Word actually is—thinking He is an English translation of the scriptures. Anyway, those people will need to be able to get that English translation of the scriptures into their judgment as well.

So, we’ll see christians standing at their judgment with a container of water and a KJV?

Those who live according to anything physical as evidence of their salvation will certainly have nothing else to provide as evidence at their judgment BUT the physical. This is what it looks like to lack spiritual understanding—to be able to see something physical that is described in scripture as a foreshadow, and also to understand what its spiritual real substance is.

And, also not to understand the real purpose of scripture, which is for the edification of those who are already Yah’s children—not to confirm that an unbeliever has been made a believer, for only the Author of the scriptures can do that.

Unfortunately, those who have not been confirmed directly by the Holy Spirit as children of Yah devise their own evidences and proofs to provide them with eternal security—water baptism, words of scripture, personal decisions, prayers, outward changes in lifestyle, and on and on and on—not understanding, or even believing, that only the Holy Spirit Himself can declare such things.

Whatever one thinks proves his salvation, he will need to be able to proffer that proof at his judgment. And, anyone who thinks he is going to be able to show the water he was baptized in, or open his KJV to point to the verses that “prove” he is saved, is going to be horrified to learn that the evidence of salvation cannot be found in what is physical (outward).

No, those who are redeemed, and who have eternal life, are those who have the Witness in them, according to 1 John 5:10. In the Greek, the word “witness” there actually means “evidence.” So, they have been given evidence within them that they have been sealed by the Holy Spirit. And, that is not only ALL the evidence that one needs at judgment, it is the ONLY evidence that proves one has been given eternal life.

What is YOUR evidence that you have been born again? If it has anything to do with anything you have done, or things you can point to physically (like words in a translation of scripture), then you will have nothing to present at your judgment, and you will be left to justify yourself before the Father (and that will always end horrifically).

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