So many christians treat the Ten Commandments like they are the means either to obtain salvation, or to keep it. Neither of those things is true.

To whom were the Ten Commandments given?

They were given as a physical covenant (“ketubah,” which is a covenant of marriage) to a physical people—the ancient physical Jews. Those to whom that covenant was given were also under a set of commandments contained in ordinances—613 precepts.

Nobody else was given the Ten Commandments, and nobody else was under the written law that was given through Moses—only the physical Jews. The ancient physical Jews receiving the physical covenant was only a foreshadow (picture, representation) of the true Jews (Messiah’s bride Y’isra-el) receiving the new covenant (Acts 2), which is spiritual.

When Messiah fulfilled the written law, it was nailed to the tree, which ushered in a new covenant. The old covenant given to a physical people was only a physical foreshadow of something that would later be revealed, for the new covenant is given not to a physical people, but to a spiritual one—the true yahudiy (Jews), those to whom the new covenant is given (a “gentile” is one who is outside the covenant).

In His Sermon on the Mount, Messiah Yahoshua made the distinction that would soon be revealed. He said that the physical Jews (those who had the physical covenant) were told not to murder (physical). But, Messiah told them that hatred toward one’s brother (spiritual) IS murder.

He said they were told not to commit adultery (physical), but He told them that lust in one’s heart (spiritual) IS adultery.

The old covenant (Ten Commandments) was written by the hand of the Holy Spirit. As such, it was a physical foreshadow of HIM. So, the instructions of the old covenant have always been valid for Yah’s people, and will always be valid, while His true children are in our physical bodies. It describes the way the Father desires His children to live physically.

But, the physical was not the point—it was only a foreshadow. There will be no “Ten Commandments” in heaven because there will be no carnal flesh in heaven. The physical commandments governed ONLY the physical man. But, the real substance is a spiritual governance.

Both the old covenant (physical) and new covenant (spiritual) were given seven Sabbaths plus one day after Firstfruits, which is the Feast of Weeks. The physical was only a foreshadow of the spiritual, which is why they were both given on the same day, just as Messiah’s crucifixion was foreshadowed by the first Passover in Egypt. Both happened on the same day of the year.

Those who were given the physical covenant were also under the physical law. But, those who are Messiah’s bride Y’isra-el (AND NOBODY ELSE) are given the new covenant, which is spiritual, not physical. And, those who have the new covenant are NOT UNDER THE WRITTEN LAW.

No, those who have the new covenant are the spiritual real substance of Y’isra-el, Messiah’s bride, and the new covenant is the seal of the Holy Spirit. It’s not an external force, as the Ten Commandments were, but an internal governance—and, those who yield their flesh to the spiritual governance of the Holy Spirit will exhibit His will physically (a man does what he believes in his heart).

So, those who preach the Ten Commandments are preaching another gospel, for those commandments were the old covenant given to a physical people. Obeying the Ten Commandments will not get anyone any closer to salvation. The rich young ruler is a prime example—he obeyed the Ten Commandments (physical), but he was not saved (spiritual).

Those who are given the new covenant are Messiah’s bride. Just as the physical covenant was given (being led out of Egypt by the Passover, through the wilderness, to the mountain, and then receiving the covenant), so too is the new covenant given (identifying with the Passover sacrifice, which is belief in Messiah Yahoshua, enduring in belief by confessing Him before others until one is given the covenant, at which time, the Holy Spirit will testify DIRECTLY AND PERSONALLY to the believer that he has been made a child of Yah—Romans 8:16).

The Holy Spirit testifies to Yah’s children today just as He always has—and, receiving the covenant cannot be confirmed by the written words of scripture—which is given ONLY to those who already have the covenant (2 Timothy 3:17). No, the confirmation of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 1:6-8) is as personal and literal today as it always has been.

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