If your christianity, your “church,” your religion, your spiritual beliefs—whatever you want to call it—is the source of what you understand about eternal security, how many errors in your particular belief system would you need to be shown for you to start questioning just how secure your eternity really is?

I mean, seriously, if you regard what you believe as absolute truth according to the Creator, shouldn’t it be impossible to demonstrate that it contains any errors at all? And, why would you allow for any errors, and foolishly regard them as mere opinions that are “open to interpretation,” when absolute truth, which is the only kind of spiritual truth there is, cannot co-exist with any error?

Here’s an example:

There is a common belief among christians that they “worship” on the first day of the week (Sunday) because it is the day that Christ rose again from the dead. Many will even go so far as to say that scripture literally states that the New Testament believers changed the day that they assembled together from the seventh day to the first.

Outside of Messiah’s resurrection, which occurred during the night following the weekly Sabbath (each day started at sundown, so at sundown on the Sabbath, it became “the first day of the week”), there is a grand total of TWO other mentions of “the first day of the week” in the entirety of the New Testament.

In both of those mentions, when the entire context of each passage is understood, it is clear that neither of the passages has anything whatsoever to do with the day of the week the believers gathered together in their homes for “rest and holy convocation.”

Surely, if there was such a major change in the sign that was given between the Father and His children (Sabbath), there would be at least an explanation of that change somewhere in scripture, no?

But, there is no such explanation anywhere in scripture. And yet, many christians will vehemently argue that their bible tells them that, during the time of the New Testament, the believers met together each week on Sunday. And, most of them have no inkling at all that what they are claiming is nothing but a lie.

Now, if that is actually false—an error they have been taught—then what else has christianity taught them that is not true? What if the very doctrines of salvation they’ve been taught are filled with just as much error as the false teaching of “Sunday worship services” is? How many errors would YOU need to be shown to see that 2.5 billion christians on the planet are clinging to a counterfeit of the true faith?

Scripture is clear that the Father’s weekly Sabbath has never been changed, the seventh day is still the weekly Sabbath, and the Sabbaths (plural) are a sign between Yah and His true children. The invention called christianity instituted a different day of the week for assembling. It is not based at all on truth, but is a false tradition of men. And, shouldn’t that cause you some eternal concern?

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