Solomon brought idolatry into the house of Yah (the temple), and took the star of Remphan as his seal. That star represents idolatry desecrating the temple. It has falsely been called “the star of David,” but David never had anything to do with it.

Christians often display the idolatrous star to suggest support for the earthly nation of Israel, but just like their own christianity, which is a counterfeit of the true faith, they have no idea what the star actually represents. And, most are ignorant of who Y’isra-el actually is, thinking it is an earthy nation; but the earthly nation was only a physical foreshadow of the spiritual real substance, who is Messiah’s bride.

The star is tied to the antichrist, as it displays the number 666 (six points, six triangles, and a six-sided hexagram). Thus, the antichrist himself is tied, scripturally, to Solomon, as he was the one who brought idolatry into the temple, which is what the antichrist, being indwelt by Satan, will do.

Solomon is the one who built Yah’s temple in Jerusalem. Have you ever wondered why, then, he was omitted from the “hall of faith” in Hebrews 11? It’s because he represents the opposite of those who are listed there, and he is actually tied to the future antichrist. The antichrist’s number is 666, just like Solomon’s seal—the star of Remphan.

So, the “mark of the beast” will be associated with that star, and, coincidentally, it is already on the flag of what the world calls Israel. The antichrist will be a physical Jew, will ultimately aid in the rebuilding of the temple (re-instituting animal sacrifice), will broker the peace treaty among Jerusalem and the rest of the world, and will then, once indwelt by Satan (after he and his demons are cast out of heaven—Rev. 12), enter the temple declaring himself to be the supreme God, and will unleash all of his demonic forces upon the earth, slaughtering all who declare belief in Messiah Yahoshua.

Unfortunately, those who have been blinded by christianity, the counterfeit of the true faith, as I once was, have no idea where those false teachings and their pagan trappings are leading them (christ-mass, easter/ishtar, SUNday assembling, iesous/jesus, temples that they call “the lord’s house,” etc.), and just how soon they will be faced with the consequences of that willful spiritual blindness.

Clinging to the pagan foundations of their counterfeit, and proudly displaying allegiance to those things Yah abhors, christianity offers only a substitute for the hope that is found only in Yahoshua’s Gospel.

And, it is truly tragic that most christians will fight vehemently against the truths taught by the Holy Spirit, mocking and ridiculing them, just to try to prove that their knockoffs of His traditions are true. Their eternal security is bound up in the traditions of men, and many of them show open contempt for the actual truths of Yah. Sad, indeed.

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