It is not at all uncommon to hear this accusation from christians who are hearing the truths of the Holy Spirit, and their deeply and long-held beliefs are not only being challenged, they are being exposed as the false teachings they are. Most often, this assertion is nothing but a last ditch effort for folks to save face and then retreat comfortably back to their counterfeits, rather than admitting their entire belief system is flawed by outright error and traditions of men.

Usually, the “I don’t sense any love from you” complaint is leveled at the messenger of truth because the truth makes someone feel bad, and to them, feeling bad is the opposite of feeling loved. But, actually, that response is childish. It’s like the kid who doesn’t understand that sometimes, the discipline he receives from a parent feels really, really bad, and, instead of responding wisely, a child will lash out by claiming the parent doesn’t love him, which is just the foolishness of a child.

Consider an adult watching a child walking toward a busy street, and, instinctively calling out to the child to turn around, and not get any closer to the obvious dangers ahead. Then, also consider that the child doesn’t listen, and keeps walking toward the threat of harm. What would any responsible adult do in that situation? The tenor of his warnings should become increasingly loud and demanding.

Now, what would the natural response of that adult be if the child not only continued walking toward the peril, but, as he ignored the warnings, he also turned around and taunted the adult with insults and derision? Most adults would react with a warranted reply of firm chastisement, while continuing to explain that the child’s decisions were jeopardizing his safety, and whether he likes it or not, the adult should ultimately do something that will likely not “feel like love” to the child.

But, which response from the adult is actually more loving—to allow the child merely to continue walking into impending doom, or to temporarily make the child feel bad, and resent the adult for taking action to save him? Remember though, in these discussions about spiritual truth, we’re not talking about literal children, but adults whose responses to warnings are merely childish.

We see this matter explained in Ezekiel 33:1-20. The Holy Spirit came to Ezekiel, and He basically told him that, when HE (the Holy Spirit) sends a sword upon the land, the one who is a watchman is to warn the people about the impending destruction. If a person doesn’t listen to the watchman, and is destroyed, then that person’s blood is on his own hands. BUT, if the watchman doesn’t issue a warning, and the person is cut down, then that person’s blood is on the watchman’s hands.

Eternal peril is drawing nigh for those who have been deceived by the false teachings of christianity—those who believe they have been born again because they made a decision, or they prayed a prayer, or they “accepted Christ into their hearts,” or “repented of all their sins,” or they have obeyed commandments.

The danger is standing at the door right now for those who have been swayed by the counterfeit of the true faith, and have been deceived into thinking that their false holydays and traditions of men have anything to do with worshiping the one true God of the universe—those who reject the Passover, and falsely think that it has nothing to do with them, because their “jesus” supposedly rose again on the pagan fertility ritual called “easter,” rather than the truth that Messiah Yahoshua was crucified on Passover and rose again on the Feast of Firstfruits, which began the spiritual barley harvest.

Now, which would YOU prefer? Would you rather live in spiritual ignorance and blindness, but be made to feel all warm and cozy in your false beliefs (thinking that any of the various and numerous opposing doctrines within christianity are all just differences of opinion, and that, in the end, just “being a christian” will get someone to heaven)?

Or, would you prefer to know the truth, even though it might initially offend you? Because, ultimately, you will have to admit that the beliefs you have strongly embraced for many years, and have even attempted to share with others, are lies—and you have allowed yourself to be deceived and duped by the doctrines of devils that just made you think you were saved.

Trust me, I wholly understand the dilemma, because I had to go through that humbling process myself. I had to get to the point where, after some initial research had shown me that SOME things I had been taught by the “church” were simply not true, I had to question everything I had believed to determine just how many of those teachings that were such a large part of me were false (counterfeits of the truth).

If there’s anything in one’s life that deserves to be a “watershed” realization, it is the concession that the belief system he has loved and shared will not provide him with the eternal life he’s been convinced—falsely—that he has. That is really all that will matter in the end. But, it’s often the most difficult exercise for someone to allow himself to be humbled in such a drastic, overwhelming, manner that he admits to himself, and others, that his entire belief system lacked the Spirit of truth.

In the end, everyone who has believed any of the myriad flavors of christianity is going to be faced with that humiliating confession—that what he has believed is filled with spiritual error, and that only the truths of the Holy Spirit are eternally valid. Wouldn’t it be so much wiser to go through that humiliation now, while it has the ability to benefit you eternally, rather than being faced with that humiliation at your judgment, and then forever losing out on the eternal life offered by the truths of Messiah Yahoshua’s true Gospel?

On that day, those who saw the truths that were shared with them as “mean,” “hateful,” or “unloving,” will wish for an opportunity to be “unloved” in such a loving way, that a person is willing to withstand the slings and arrows of personal ridicule and mocking just for the opportunity for even the tiniest sliver of the Holy Spirit’s light to make it into someone’s heart and mind, and for him eventually to yield his arrogance and pride to the Holy Spirit, and receive the fullness of His truth, believe it, and then receive the covenant, which is eternal life to those who have believed in Messiah Yahoshua.

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