Can someone please give me a date, or event, when the feast days were done away with? I mean, such a change in what is clearly taught in scripture would have to be a momentous occasion, to do away with the days that Paul says are of Messiah, and are a shadow of things to come (they are prophetic).

So, please, set me on the right track. What date was it when the honoring of those days was changed, or stopped? And, if you don’t know the exact date, how about just an event?

I know many christians say that they were abolished “at the cross.” But, I’m confused about that one for at least a couple reasons:

The Feast of Weeks was not fulfilled until 49 days AFTER Messiah Yahoshua’s resurrection from the dead, and not only was that AFTER the cross, but it was also after He had ascended back to His Father.

So, whatever event purportedly changed anything to do with the feasts would have had to have occurred after Acts 2. Can you explain what that event was?

Moreover, as already mentioned, scripture clearly shows us that Paul observed the feasts, and taught them to the Gentile converts. So, the event that would have changed or abolished the feasts would have had to have occurred after Paul lived.

I’d be very appreciative if someone, anyone, can explain what happened after the cross, after the resurrection, after what we are shown in Acts 2, and after Paul died, that either changed or stopped the relevance and observance of the ordained feasts.


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