How can it be that so many christians believe that specific days the Father instituted as a sign between Him and His children (Sabbaths) are irrelevant? And, if irrelevant, why were counterfeits of those days invented and instituted as the “holydays” on christianity’s calendar? Why even observe counterfeits if the actual ordained days were abolished? And, if the ordained days weren’t abolished, then what are YOU doing? There is a serious flaw in that logic.

It’s that same blindness that seems to think that Messiah’s name can be whatever a particular culture or language chooses it to be. Listen, the early christians, because they hated the Jews so much, sought to “de-Jewify” everything they could in the New Testament.

So, they INVENTED a name. It’s not that it’s a “translation” of a name, for Yahoshua means “Yah’s salvation,” and, in Greek, salvation is “soteria.” So, even if the early christians had decided to make His name a translation of His real name (which is not a normal practice), it would have been something along the lines of “iesoteria.” No, “SOUS” has nothing to do with “SHUA,” the former being an homage to Zeus, the latter meaning “salvation.” The two have absolutely nothing to do with each other, etymologically.

The early christians merely ASSIGNED a NEW NAME to Messiah, calling Him IESOUS. That has never been His name, but is a counterfeit of His name. His name became IESUM in the Latin Vulgate, and then IESUS in the KJV AV 1611, and then, after that, JESUS. Each of those names is false—they are lies, counterfeits of the truth.

Really? You think that folks in Messiah’s day called Him “jesus,” when the letter “J” wouldn’t even be invented until the 15th century? You think the Jewish Messiah would have been called by some Greco-Roman name? And, if He was not called by some Greco-Roman name, and the letter “J” wasn’t invented until the 15th century, what does that say about your English translation that tells you His name was “jesus”? It’s an absurd counterfeit!

And, where in scripture does it state that any name we choose for Messiah can be His name? Where does scripture tell us that any days we choose to attach Messiah to for celebration are valid days according to the Father? Of course, those things are nowhere in scripture, as counterfeits of Yah’s truths are always the work of the devil. And, you’re really comfortable with your christianity, knowing that spiritual error all comes from Satan?

Moreover, if the early christians obviously counterfeited such important doctrines as Yah’s ordained days and Messiah’s name, what makes you think that they left the doctrines of salvation alone? The bride’s salvation is tied directly to Passover, but what did christianity do with that? By rejecting the Passover, christianity rejected the basis of the bride’s salvation, and in so doing, devised a salvation that is controlled by man, and declared by man, rather than by Yah.

It was the revelation in my heart and mind of just how much has been counterfeited by christianity that the Holy Spirit used to draw me out of it completely. And, I could not be more grateful to Him that He did!

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