Seriously. Those who vehemently cling to the teachings of christianity, and close themselves off from the truths of the Holy Spirit, do so to their own demise. Yes, I know that you think that saying “I know that I know that I know” will somehow convince the Almighty that you are what you claim to be, but, how can you be, when what you’re embracing is only a counterfeit of the true faith?

It’s fairly easy to demonstrate that the traditions of christianity are pagan—the traditions of men, codified long after the New Testament writers had all died. But, spiritually, one has to see WHY that’s important. If one cannot see why the altered foundations of the faith matter, then that is a clear indication of spiritual blindness. And, those who are willfully blind are not likely to see any light, without a willingness to be shown the light.

2 Thessalonians 2:11 describes christians who refuse to see how christianity is a counterfeit of the true faith, and tells us that those who choose to believe the lie will ultimately be overtaken by a delusion that will eternally seal their doom. And, it is Yah Himself who sends that permanent blindness because of a person’s repeated rejection of His truths.

Think about it. At its very core, scripture tells us that those who believe “shall be saved.” Scripture also tells us that some will believe, but then fall away. Obviously, there is more than one definition of “believe.” Satan and his demons believe, but they are not saved. Luke 8:13 describes some who believe, but are not saved. So, when scripture says that those who believe “shall be saved,” it must be determined what saving belief actually is.

This one truth exposes a major fallacy of christianity’s salvation.

If you claim that you are saved because you have believed, but you have nothing but what you think, what you’ve been taught by other people, or what you’ve read (including the scriptures), then your belief is actually less than that of the demons, for they see both the physical realm and the spiritual realm. You see only the physical. And, the teachings that have led you to believe that your human belief is salvation, are false teachings. They are lies. So, why cling to them and miss eternal life?

Saving belief is not something you have. It is not something that you have decided. It is not something that comes from your being convinced of anything. Saving belief is GIVEN to Yah’s children. Saving belief is human belief that has been completed by the Witness (evidence) being placed within the one who believes.

If your definition of “saving belief” is something YOU have done, and is not something that is received apart from your own control, then you are clinging to lies. Why would you forfeit eternal life for a false belief system invented by men and codified in the fourth century by the sun-worshiping emperor Constantine, who turned the syncretism of paganism with some truth into a new religion called “christianity”? There is some truth in all of man’s religions. There is only one true faith given to one true body by one Holy Spirit. That is not christianity.

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