We know that after Messiah’s bride Y’isra-el is fully removed from the earth on the Feast of Trumpets and taken to the wedding chamber (chuppah), the son of perdition will be revealed. Now, most christians think that the Antichrist’s time on the earth will be seven years, but that’s because they have no real understanding of the coming things, as they are virtually ignorant of the Father’s traditions, which is where the prophetic calendar is revealed.

How foolish of so many christians to reject the Father’s traditions, equating them with the law—and, that’s because they have zero understanding of what the law was, what it represented, and how the law and the Father’s traditions are distinct from one another.

To cover up their ignorance, whenever they are shown the Holy Spirit’s truths regarding those traditions, like the Sabbaths, they simply conflate them with the law, and attempt to “move on” from the subject. They will quote New Testament passages about the law, and then falsely claim those passages apply to the Father’s traditions.

As has been explained several times (even though so many choose to remain spiritually blind), the law mandated HOW many different things were to be done—eating, drinking, clothing, Sabbath observances, and even sexual intimacy. Now, the law was nailed to the tree, which means all the ordinances that governed HOW all of those things were to be done were abolished.

However, according to the false argument proffered by so many christians, only one of those things were wholly abolished—the Sabbaths. They actually believe that they can single out the Sabbaths, and not also claim that their false belief would actually abolish eating, drinking, clothing, and sex. When the law was fulfilled, what was abolished were the mandates governing HOW all those things were to be done—but eating, drinking, clothing, and sex remain—as do the Father’s Sabbaths.

How do we know that to be the case? Scripture shows us in numerous passages that the apostle Paul continued to observe the Sabbaths (Acts 16:13, Acts 18:20-21, Acts 20:6, Acts 20:16, Acts 27:9, 1 Corinthians 16:8), and he taught them to the GENTILE CONVERTS (1 Corinthians 5:7-8, 1 Corinthians 11:2, 2 Thessalonians 2:15)!

That one fact alone usually causes the one peddling christianity’s false teachings on the subject to run away from the discussion, because it exposes their heresies. They know their false beliefs logically accuse Paul of being a false teacher or a hypocrite.

Now, Paul explained in Colossians 2:16-17 that the Sabbaths are a shadow (physical representation of a future-revealed spiritual real substance) of things that are to come. They provide instruction for those who are led by the Holy Spirit to understand spiritual things from a human perspective.

According to the Sabbaths and the wedding traditions, Messiah’s bride will be removed fully from the earth on the Feast of Trumpets, and that will be the end of the spiritual barley harvest that began with Messiah’s resurrection on the Feast of Firstfruits, which is the first day of the barley harvest. The completion of the barley harvest will then begin the spiritual wheat harvest, which will occur during the tribulation.

The reason so many christians associate the tribulation with seven years is because they don’t understand that, from the Feast of Trumpets to the Feast of Atonement is ten days. They confuse the seven years of the Antichrist’s peace treaty (Daniel 9:27), not understanding that the Antichrist will have to rise to the level of power and influence necessary to broker an international peace accord. That will take him three years; thus, that three years plus the seven years of the peace treaty are shown in the ten days between Trumpets and Atonement.

Now, we know that half-way into that seven years, something massive will occur. Half of seven is 3 ½, and what is the significance of a half year (or six months) where the Sabbaths are concerned? Well, we know that the beginning of the spring feasts to the beginning of the fall feasts is six months. So, the half-year represents spring feasts to fall feasts, and that distinction helps us understand exactly how the events surrounding the bride’s removal and the tribulation will play out.

We know the bride will be removed at the beginning of the fall feasts, and that the Antichrist will be revealed immediately after that, which means it is still in the fall. He will rise to power for three years, and the end of three years will put us back in the fall feasts. But, three AND A HALF years after the treaty is declared is when there is a distinct change, and that half year will be in the spring (the spring feasts are Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, and Weeks).

At Passover, the Antichrist will declare an end to animal sacrifice, and then, at Firstfruits, the two witnesses (Moses and Elijah) will appear in Jerusalem. Seven weeks later, just as the bride was sealed on the Feast of Weeks, the 144,000 virgin male physical Jews will be sealed by the Holy Spirit.

We also know that just prior to those events, the Antichrist will be assassinated, and then, Satan will be cast out of heaven (Revelation 12), and he will indwell the dead body of the Antichrist to resurrect him from the dead (the first beast becomes the second beast of Revelation 13). Again, that period of time will be 3 ½ years—from the time the peace treaty is declared (which will be the formal beginning of the Antichrist’s rule, but it will take him three years to rise to that level of power after he is revealed on the earth).

But, what is the significance of that 3 ½ years where the Antichrist is concerned?

It is vital to understand that Satan is the greatest counterfeiter ever created. As we discuss almost daily, christianity itself is a counterfeit of the true faith. But, what Satan will counterfeit during the tribulation is Messiah Himself. Satan will present himself as the Messiah who is to rule and reign as the King of heaven and earth for all eternity.

Satan is going to resurrect the body of the assassinated Antichrist, and declare that he is the true resurrected Messiah, and because he has risen from the dead, he declares an end to animal sacrifice (sound familiar?).

Now, after His time of testing in the wilderness, Messiah’s earthly ministry began with His baptism (exemplifying the spiritual real substance of baptism that was foreshadowed under the law with water, but the physical is never the real substance—the spiritual real substance of baptism is that of the Holy Spirit, not physical water). So, Messiah’s earthly ministry actually began when He was given the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Messiah’s crucifixion was followed by a period of 3 ½ days, and then He rose again from the dead (which is why the goofy “good Friday” lie of christianity is so easily refuted). We see that same construct with the two witnesses during the second half of the Antichrist’s peace treaty (Moses and Elijah). We’re told in Revelation 11:11 that they will lie dead in the street for 3 ½ days before they are resurrected by the Holy Spirit. Remember, the Jews did not consider someone truly dead until AFTER three days.

So, how long was Messiah’s ministry, from His baptism to His resurrection? You guessed it: 3 ½ years! So, the reason Satan indwells the Antichrist’s dead body and resurrects him 3 ½ years after he formally assumes his position of power (his earthly “ministry”) is to mimic Messiah’s earthly ministry.

Can you see it? The Antichrist will counterfeit every bit of Messiah’s earthly ministry that he can, so that he can more convincingly deceive people into believing he is the Messiah—the rightful King of heaven and earth. And, he will then demand that he be worshiped as such.

To deny the importance of the Father’s traditions, which so many christians reject outright because of the delusion by the enemy, is to embrace sheer ignorance of the coming things. It is also reasonable to believe that one who rejects the traditions the Father gives to His children as a family sign is an indication that such a person has never been adopted INTO that family in the first place, but merely into a counterfeit of it. And, who is the father of all spiritual counterfeits?


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