I often have discussions with christians who think they understand spiritual truth, but really only have physical knowledge of literal words, and are blind to the actual spiritual meanings within those literal words.

I’ve had christian pastor friends who falsely state that the literal meaning of a passage of scripture is its best interpretation, when that is an interpretation that ALL people can have—but, only the Holy Spirit can provide His meanings within those words, which makes the spiritual meaning the best interpretation (Luke 24:45, 1 Corinthians 2:14). And, as scripture is given ONLY to Yah’s people, that’s the only interpretation of scripture that really matters.

There are many christians who, because they don’t understand that the OT presents physical foreshadows of spiritual real substances that are revealed in the NT, they approach the scriptures like they are in two volumes, instead of understanding that scripture is one volume that presents physical foreshadows first, and then reveals the spiritual real substances of those foreshadows later.

So, we have christian teachers who tout blatantly false ideas, like the physical race of Jews today being “God’s chosen people” (even though they reject Yah’s Son), and they think that supporting the earthly nation of Israel has some special spiritual significance. John Hagee is one of those false teachers, claiming that there are two covenants—one for christians, and one for Jews, but that’s because he doesn’t understand who Y’isra-el actually is (the spiritual real substance, not the physical foreshadow).

Actually, there is one covenant, and it has nothing to do with one’s race, bloodline, or geographical residence. The only way one can grasp this properly is to understand that there is a physical foreshadow (physical Jews), and there is a spiritual real substance that the foreshadow represented (spiritual Jews). Paul tells us in Romans 2:29 that the spiritual real substance of the name “Jew” refers to any people who have been given the spiritual covenant, which is the Holy Spirit. It has nothing to do with anything physical, or outward.

But, this is where it gets really dumbfounding—so many christians openly support physical Israel, like it’s something “spiritual” to do, but whenever things from scripture are brought up that were given first to the physical Jews, and then to the true Jews (Messiah’s bride), christians often have a rabid response to them. They often make spiritually stupid comments like, “That was Old Testament,” or “Those things were all abolished with the law.”

They will usually agree that the Father’s traditions were given to the Jews (Y’isra-el), but then state that they are not Jews, but Gentiles, with zero understanding of who the true Jew really is in the Father’s eyes. And, it’s like their brains glaze over when they are shown the actual scriptures that teach who that is.

In Romans 11, Paul speaks of a cultivated olive tree, and states that Gentiles were made able to be grafted into it (when, before, they couldn’t be, for physical Jews and Gentiles had to be separate–a foreshadow of the bride’s separation from the world). He not only states that Gentiles can be grafted into the tree, but also that those who were “natural branches” (physical Jews) could be “grafted BACK in” through belief in Messiah Yahoshua.

So, clearly, only those who receive the Holy Spirit by their belief are part of the tree, and physical Jews who do not believe in Messiah Yahoshua are not part of the tree, but can be grafted back onto it by belief in Messiah Yahoshua.

BTW—the tree produces olives, and when olives are crushed, they produce olive oil, which is a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

And, what is that tree? It is Y’isra-el. Do you get that? Both physical Jews and Gentiles are grafted into Y’isra-el BY BELIEF (it has nothing to do with race or geography). Again, Romans 2:29 explains that those who have the Holy Spirit ARE JEWS (in Hebrew it is “yahudiy,” which are “My people who are called by My name Yah), and they are grafted into Y’isra-el.

So, how could it be legitimate to claim that Yah’s traditions (Sabbaths, wedding traditions, temple ordinances and practices) are given to Y’isra-el, which scripture teaches are those who have the Holy Spirit, but also claim that the Father stopped giving them to Y’isra-el? And, if that were true, then why did Paul both observe the traditions, and teach them to the Gentile converts?

No, the Father has never changed—He gives His traditions to His family, and His family are Y’isra-el—they are Jews. And, they are those in whom He has placed His covenant, who is the Holy Spirit. They are not physical Jews, but spiritual Jews—the physical Jews were only a picture, or representation, of the true Jews, who are spiritual.

So, when christians openly reject the Father’s traditions (by assembling on SUNday rather than on Yah’s ordained weekly Sabbath, celebrating christ-mass and easter/ishtar, or teaching salvation by man’s decision), they reveal that they do not identify with Yah’s family, but rather, a counterfeit of it.

Just like those who are lost in Judaism (physical Jews), those who are lost in christianity are ignorant of what is merely shadow (physical) and what is real substance (spiritual). Thus, they reject spiritual truth because they don’t even know who the real substance is.

Messiah Yahoshua is a Jew—He was always a Jew, and will always be a Jew. And, according to His Father’s traditions, Messiah’s bride must also be a Jew. He cannot marry a Gentile (which are those who are “outside of the covenant”). Those who are given the spiritual covenant by the Father ARE Jews, both by adoption (justification) and by marriage (covenant).

So, when christians state that the Sabbaths are given only to the Jews, they are correct. They simply do not understand who the Jews are. Thus, by rejecting the Father’s traditions, they reject the Father. If they reject the Father, they reject the Son. And, if they reject the Father and the Son, they will not be given the Holy Spirit.

So, those who have believed in christianity, which was invented by stripping the Father’s traditions away, and was codified in the 4th century, have been deceived by a counterfeit of the true faith. They are who we see in Matthew 7:21-23—wholly convinced they were saved, but finding out too late that what they thought was salvation was merely an earthly club membership. They were never actually adopted by the Father or betrothed to the Son.

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