If your understanding of the coming prophetic events have come from any teacher, and that teacher does not have a working understanding of the Father’s traditions, then what is taught by that teacher cannot be trusted to be truth.

What are the Father’s traditions? They are the “paradosis” that Paul told the Gentile converts to “stand fast and keep” in 1 Corinthians 11:2 and 2 Thessalonians 2:15, as they are the true foundations of the doctrines of faith—they hold the details of those doctrines, and those traditions include the Sabbaths (weekly and annual), the wedding traditions, and the temple ordinances and practices—especially where the harvests are concerned in prophecy.

So, if your prophecy teacher cannot explain why Messiah HAD to go away, and why it would be impossible for Him to return to the earth before all of the bride is gathered together and taken to the wedding chamber, he is not a teacher, but a huckster.

If he cannot explain why there will be ten years between the time the bride is taken and Armageddon, he is not a teacher, but a charlatan.

If he cannot explain who the barley are, who the wheat are, who the grapes are, and how each is harvested, he is not a teacher, but a fraud. Just as the traditions present physical details of the doctrines of salvation, so too is the prophetic calendar revealed in the traditions.

BUT, remember, christianity rejected the Father’s traditions, and invented its own pagan-based traditions; so, instead of the true doctrines of genuine salvation, christianity peddles false teachings of a counterfeit salvation that is directed and declared by man. There are many different flavors of christian salvation teachings, but there is only one true salvation—and most in christianity dismiss that one true salvation, and cling to a counterfeit of it.

In the same way, those who lack understanding of the traditions, and do not use them as the foundation of prophetic truth, end up contriving many different false teachings that are based on faulty understandings of the prophetic texts. That’s why there are literally multitudes of different prophecy interpretations that largely disagree with one another.

Just as there is one salvation, and all true doctrines are faithful to it, so too is there one set of events that will occur according to the prophetic details that mirror one another both in scripture and the Father’s traditions. If you don’t understand the traditions, then you cannot teach the texts—for you don’t understand them.

Oh, I’m sure you THINK you do, just like christians THINK that saying a prayer, or asking Christ into their hearts means they are born again, but, according to the truths of the Holy Spirit, you don’t.

The christian teachings on prophecy that are devoid of the Father’s traditions are just as false as the christian teachings on salvation that are devoid of those traditions. Sadly, too many christians fight to prove their false beliefs rather than hear what the Holy Spirit has to say about them.

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