While Moses was on the mountain receiving the covenant from Yah, Aaron (the high priest) took it upon himself to fashion a golden calf and an altar for the people, and, according to what was in Aaron’s heart (remember, “He knows my heart”), he said that they would use the golden calf and the altar he had built in a feast of celebration to Yah, the Father (Exodus 32:5).

So, this dude, upon whom Yah placed spiritual authority of the priesthood, decided by his own heart to craft his own device of worshiping the Father, not by what he had purposed as evil, but by what he decided would be perfectly good and acceptable to Yah. To Aaron and the rest of the Israelites, the golden calf was a beautiful thing—just like things we find to be so wonderful and heart-warming today.

But, Yah’s anger waxed against Aaron and the Israelites for their idolatry, and He told Moses that He should just wipe them all out because of it (that’s how He feels about such false worship).

Moses then confronted Aaron about what he had done, and Aaron said that all he did was throw pieces of gold into the fire, and the golden calf emerged out of it (Exodus 32:24). Really, Aaron?

Moses gave the people the option of repenting of their idolatry, and those who did repent were spared immediate death, and those who didn’t were killed at Moses’ command (about 3000 men). But, still, Yah plagued the children of Israel for that idolatry.

Christian, you think that “He knows my heart” is sufficient to make the idolatrous, pagan celebration of christ-mass acceptable to Yah? You think that how you feel about it is sufficient to make your spiritually false tradition of men holy in Yah’s eyes?

Yah personally chose Aaron to be the high priest, and his false worship was rejected by the Almighty. And, you think that your “heart” is sufficient to make false worship acceptable to the Almighty, simply because of how you feel about the tradition? We’re told about believing one’s heart for truth in Jeremiah 17:9.

How stiff-necked and blind it is to think that something scripture tells us is full of deceit and wickedness (our hearts) can determine what the Father must find acceptable to Him, even though scripture gives us myriad facts that enable us to know that the false holydays of christianity (SUNday, christ-mass, easter/ishtar, etc.) are wholly unacceptable to the Father because they are not truth (John 4:24).

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