So many false teachings and beliefs have come from altering the meanings of the actual words of scripture to fit one’s preconceived false notions. Because many christians have never actually received the literal confirmation of the Holy Spirit that they are Yah’s children, they have to invent some other counterfeit confirmation to provide their eternal security for them.

Thus, many christians elevate their bibles into the role and authority of the Holy Spirit, and state that in their English translations are the “very words of God.” Unfortunately, for them, that is blatantly false. What is in their English bibles are man’s translations of the earliest manuscripts of the words inspired by the Holy Spirit we have available. And, in even those early manuscripts, there was some christianese hanky panky that took place (most notably with the actual names of the Father and Son).

In Psalm 12, we are told that Yah’s “words” are perfect, and He will “preserve” them forever. To try to make this passage refer to an English bible is just christian lunacy. In the Hebrew, the word “words” is “imrah,” and that means “utterances” or “commandments.” In the context of David, whose Psalms are so focused on the law (a foreshadow of the Holy Spirit), this verse is speaking of the commandments.

The word “preserve” in the Hebrew means “to guard.” Throughout the scriptures we find the admonition to “keep the commandments.” The commandments were the covenant, and to “keep the commandments” means “to guard, hold, or possess, the covenant.” The spiritual real substance of that is to possess the seal of the Holy Spirit. The foreshadow of the bride possessing the Holy Spirit was ancient physical Y’isra-el guarding, or holding, the ten commandments, which were the covenant.

The law that is written on the hearts of the bride was foreshadowed by the commandments (imrah) that were written on the tablets. Yah’s words (imrah/rhema) are preserved in His Word (dabar/logos), who is the Holy Spirit. That has nothing to do with ANY translation of the scriptures, not even English ones—NOT EVEN THE KJV.

It is the height of English-speaking christian arrogance to assert that Yah re-inspired His scriptures in English. There is no such promise, nor any such claim made anywhere in the scriptures. English-centric christians who think their English bibles are the “very words of the Holy Spirit” simply don’t know Him, how He is received, or what evidence is given to those who have received Him, so they attempt to make their English bible Him.

Proof? Most of them will tell you that they know they are saved because their English bible tells them so. Not only is that not possible, it is blasphemy, for equating a translation of men with the Holy Spirit Himself is to equate the works of man with the work of the Holy Spirit.

But, then, christianity does a lot of that—most tragically, with the doctrines of salvation.

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