There is a lie I was taught to believe when I was in christianity, and I am often met with the same lie when I am sharing the truths of the Holy Spirit with those who are in christianity.

The lie is this: the christianese holydays like christ-mass and easter/ishtar were “commandeered” by the early christians in an attempt to bring pagans to Christ, and into the “church.”

Learning the actual history of christianity’s holydays, it becomes clear that such claims are blatant lies, as christianity was invented as a counterfeit of the true faith, and the reason for its false holydays had nothing to do with true “evangelism.”

When one understands the hatred against a group of people that fueled the adoption of the pagan holydays, claims of “evangelism” are exposed as grossly absurd!

First, understand that those who invented christianity after the New Testament writers had all died WERE pagans. They weren’t trying to bring in pagans—they were already pagans. Constantine was a sun worshiper and Zeus worshiper until his death, and he is the one who codified christianity in the 4th century.

When one reads the actual decrees that Constantine issued, and what he said about the physical Jews, it is clear that the invention of christianity was focused almost entirely on its creators separating themselves wholly from the physical Jews, and every tradition the physical Jews practiced.

That sheer carnal ignorance shows that the progenitors of christianity (not the believers in the New Testament, who NEVER called themselves christians) believed that the physical Jews invented and owned those traditions, and they didn’t accept that the traditions actually belong to the Father, and were taught to the Gentile converts by Paul (1 Corinthians 11:2, 2 Thessalonians 2:15, 1 Corinthians 5:8, etc.).

No, the christianese holydays of SUNday assembling, christ-mass, easter/ishtar, lent, valentine’s day, halloween etc., WERE pagan to the core, ARE pagan to the core, and WILL ALWAYS BE pagan to the core. There is nothing in ANYBODY’S “heart” that can change that fact!

Now, this lie about the christianese holydays is actually a conflation with something else about pagan christianity that is true, and that is that christianity’s mothership Rome has historically brought its counterfeit of the true faith into many different pagan cultures around the world, and to annex the pagans in those cultures, the mothership simply adopted the false gods of those cultures into the pagan monstrosity of christianity, and venerated those false gods, along with the pagan rituals associated with them.

Thus, the syncretism of voodoo with christianity can be seen in Haiti, and the pagan rituals of ash Wednesday and lent, which are preceded by “fat tuesday,” or “mardi gras,” are a huge part of cultures like that in New Orleans.

We even see some of our favorite conservative political pundits on networks like Fox News plastering goofy ash crosses on their foreheads, and proudly displaying their paganism on national broadcasts.

These things, and many others, are all part of the false belief system called christianity—a bastardization of truth, which Paul called “a falling away” in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, and is referred to as “Babylon” in the prophetic texts of scripture.

Rome is the mothership of christianity, as that is where christianity was initially contrived, and Rome’s false foundations are found in christianity’s myriad different flavors, called “denominations.”

The Father gives His children seven annual Sabbaths, called “feasts,” that all point to Messiah Yahoshua, and are a shadow of things that ARE TO COME (they reveal the prophetic calendar), and the seventh day of each week is a Sabbath day, which Yah’s children are to set apart from the other six days to identify with Yah’s family, and to enter into “holy convocation” (which simply means to assemble together for spiritual edification and fellowship).

It is Satan himself who counterfeited those days with pagan knockoffs; christianity did not “commandeer” the pagan days of Saturnalia/Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, and easter/ishtar for any evangelical purpose, but because of the bitter hatred those early pagans had against the things of Yah and the physical people who were called by His name (Yahudiy=Jews). The same is true of “the venerable day of the SUN” corruptly supplanting Yah’s ordained weekly Sabbath.

The sad thing is that most christians still despise those traditions of the Father, and falsely claim that they were ended long ago (because of the lies they have been taught by their christianity). John 4:24 is clear that the only acceptable worship of the Father is in spirit and in TRUTH. The christianese holydays are not truth, thus, they are not acceptable to the Father.


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