Most people have no actual understanding of where we are in the prophetic calendar, but even more tragic than that, they don’t really even care. Focusing on the temporal (earthly), they ignore the eternal.

This world will pass away, but before it does, it should go without saying that we humans should be thirsting for what will NOT pass away. Most people (including those who are lost in the false teachings of christianity, the counterfeit of the true faith) have no idea that Messiah’s bride will be fully removed from the earth and taken to the wedding chamber ON the FEAST OF TRUMPETS, and it could very possibly be this year. In fact, most christians have no idea what day of the year that is, or how even to calculate when it is according to scripture.

Moreover, those who do not identify with the PASSOVER will NOT be a part of that fulfillment of Trumpets. They will NOT meet the Bridegroom in the air to be taken to the wedding chamber. No, they will remain on the earth during the upcoming tribulation, when Satan will ultimately assume temporary authority.

This is so very important, for those who are not the bride (because they have never received a direct, personal confirmation from the Holy Spirit telling them who they are in Messiah Yahoshua) will have LESS than ten years to establish their belief in the true Messiah Yahoshua, because ten years after the bride is removed, Messiah Yahoshua will return to the earth in judgment on the Feast of Atonement (ten days from Trumpets to Atonement).

He will return at Armageddon (the mountain at Megiddo), and 2/3 of the earth’s population that remains after the ten years of tribulation will be wiped out on that day. Of those who remain at that time, they will then be separated into two groups (sheep and goats).

Those who never took the mark of the beast and who never took up arms against Jerusalem will be the sheep. They are also the firstfruits of the grape harvest, and will be planted into Messiah’s 1000-year earthly reign, where they will live for 1000 years with Him on this earth. The rest are the goats, and will be cast into hell on that day.

The friends of the Bridegroom (OT saints) and friends of the bride (tribulation saints) will return from heaven with Messiah on the Feast of Atonement, as they have been promised to rule and reign with Him ON THE EARTH for 1000 years.

But, Messiah’s bride (whose name is Y’isra-el) will wait in the wedding chamber for that 1000 years (which will be but a day in heaven—Psalm 90:4, 2 Peter 3:8), and will not be revealed until the wedding feast, which will be in the new heaven. That is precisely according to the wedding traditions, and is what we see in Revelation 21:2.

So, while most of mankind is focused on things that have absolutely NO eternal value (all the things of this world), the bride is to be focused on the day that she will be gathered to the Bridegroom in the air to be taken to the wedding chamber, where her marriage to the Lamb of Yah—the King of heaven and earth, will be eternally completed (Revelation 8:1).

Understand THIS: if the bride is removed this year on the Feast of Trumpets, Armageddon will occur ten years from now. If the bride is removed next year on Trumpets, then Armageddon will be eleven years from now.

Ignoring this message will prove perilous to your eternity—and, in the end, that is ALL that should matter to YOU. The link below gives a general overview of what will happen over the ten years after the bride is removed (the final harvest of the bride on the Feast of Trumpets will mark the end of the spiritual barley harvest and the beginning of the spiritual wheat harvest).

For more information: Read This After I Have Disappeared

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