One of the areas in which christianity exposes itself as a counterfeit is what it did with the names of people in the scriptures. Rather than transliterating the names, which is just a pronunciation guide in another language, it completely changed names, as if the scriptures were a literary work about false gods and their fictional followers.

You see, names of real people never change just because someone speaks a different language—only names of false gods change according to culture and language.

What name is on your birth certificate? What name is on it if you travel to a foreign land? This has been an area of tremendous victory for Satan.

And, speaking of him, so many people think his name is Lucifer, but it is not. That is a translation of a Hebrew idiom into Latin by Roman Catholic Jerome. In Isaiah 14, Isaiah is writing about an actual person—the king of Babylon, who, like so many kings of that era, associated himself with a heavenly body in an attempt to be venerated as if he were immortal. The king of Babylon associated himself with Venus, which is called “the morning star.”

Jerome, in translating “morning star” from Hebrew, used a Latin word that means “light bringer,” and both the Hebrew “heylel” and Latin “lucifer” are idioms for the planet Venus. Neither idiom was the actual name of the king of Babylon, but was an association the king had adopted for himself. But, as most of christianity has fallen for, the names of actual persons do not change and are not translated into other languages. They are either pronounced exactly as they are given, or they are transliterated to aid in that pronunciation.

If you go to China, or anywhere on the planet where English is not the country’s language, listen to their news broadcasts, and when someone famous is mentioned, you will hear the foreign language, and, in the midst of that language, you will distinctly hear that person’s name—not some translation of it. That’s because it is his name, and names of actual people do not get changed because of different languages.

Yes, a name can have many equivalents in other languages (i.e., James, Jacob, Yakov, Giacomo, Diego, etc.), but a person is given A name—he is not given every other language’s equivalent of that name. Satan has successfully muddled the common-sense thinking of so many people with this one form of deception!

THIS is one of the reasons true believers are led by the Holy Spirit to understand that HE is the one who must provide instruction and illumination regarding HIS scriptures—because men have manipulated and altered His words for their own agendas.

In the case of names, we know that the English translations are filled with error, as the names have all been changed, so they are false. If something written contains false material, then the volume as a whole cannot be inerrant. The scriptures themselves are inerrant, but all translations are of men, so they are not free of error.

In the matter of the names of the Father and the Son (Yah and Yahoshua), the false names actually matter, because, through its pagan Jew-hating agenda, christianity invented a different deity altogether, because those christians were so offended by the Jewish nature of the true Father and Son. That’s why christians honor pagan holydays (christ-mass, easter/ishtar, SUNday, etc.), and reject the Father’s Sabbaths.

Satan’s name is not “lucifer.” It never has been. And, no, he is not in hell, by the way. Where is he right now? Read the link below.

For more information: Where Does Satan Dwell?

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