Messiah Yahoshua is inextricably tied to His Father’s traditions. He specifically said that He is Lord of the Sabbath, or, as Paul taught of the entire Sabbath system, it is all about Messiah—He is the Lord of the Sabbath, and He is who it is all about.

So, somehow, christians believe that the Sabbaths no longer apply because He is Lord of the Sabbath? That makes zero sense. I am lord of my home, so my home no longer exists? Messiah is Lord of heaven and earth, so heaven and earth no longer exist?

That’s just absurd.

To separate the one true Messiah from the intricate traditions His Father created and ordained for His children, pointing them, through foreshadows, to His Son, and the events that are all about His Son in relation to His people, is to invent an entirely different messiah. It would be like stripping me of everything that identifies me as me—it wouldn’t be me anymore, but a counterfeit of me.

So, those who invented christianity not only stripped the faith of its true foundations, they separated Messiah from those things His Father instituted about His Son, thus, inventing a completely different messiah—a counterfeit.

And, that’s why they gave their messiah a DIFFERENT NAME–”jesus.”

Yahoshua is Messiah. It is at the name YAHOSHUA that every knee will bow. There IS no other name!

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