Because I deal most days with folks who are completely convinced they are saved, and because most of christianity’s culturally ingrained teachings on salvation are spiritually false, these questions might help those who are holding to a counterfeit of salvation to see the error in those false teachings.

So, again, is everyone who CLAIMS to be born again saved?

Often, when asked how someone knows he is saved, he will state that he asked Christ into his heart. So, does that mean that all people who say they asked (or accepted) Christ into their hearts are born again? Is that the evidence—even though scripture never states that anybody is to do that?

Another common form of evidence christians will use to try to prove they are saved is to point to various passages of scripture that teach the doctrines of salvation. So, does that mean that everyone who quotes those specific verses, and says they believe them, is born again? Satan quoted scripture to Messiah Yahoshua. Satan and his demons believe the scriptures. Are they saved?

The more self-righteous christians will often point to their change in lifestyle (“I was a horrible [drunk, or cheater, or liar, or thief, or drug addict, etc.] before I was saved, and I no longer do that”) as evidence of their salvation. So, does that mean that everyone who successfully stops drinking, or any of those other things, is born again? Is everyone who attends A.A., or an anger management course, saved?

Some will say that, when they made their decision, or prayed their “sinner’s prayer,” they felt an overwhelming sense of peace, or release of guilt, or happiness. So, does that mean that anyone who experiences those nice feelings is born again?

Here’s the point, because christianity’s salvation is a counterfeit, the evidence (or proof) they claim that one has received it is false as well. Nobody is saved because of any verses in scripture. That is not the purpose of scripture, as scripture is not alive, and cannot confirm anybody’s salvation. Written words cannot look into a person’s heart. Only a divine living being can do that. Written words cannot tell anyone he is born again. Only a divine living being can do that.

The evidence given to one who has been born again has nothing to do with physical actions or manifestations at all, for those things can all be done through sheer human will (i.e., stopping drinking), or they can be counterfeited by demons (i.e., speaking in tongues).

And, as salvation has nothing to do with the flesh, but with belief, one’s actions (committing sins of the flesh vs. not committing sins of the flesh) have nothing to do with justification (being saved), but are matters of sanctification AFTER one has been born again.

As for feelings of peace, release of guilt, or joy, feelings are not the basis of salvation. However, one who has repented of his unbelief, which is to believe, can sometimes feel a sense of release from the guilt of that sinful condition. But, that is the first step in one’s actual salvation, it is not salvation itself.

That belief starts the writing of the adoption papers, but one must endure in his belief—his belief must be tested, and he must believe all the way to the saving of his soul (Hebrews 10:39). He must be led by the Holy Spirit from the Outer Courtyard (man’s belief) to the Holy of Holies (receiving the covenant).

Whatever one claims is the evidence he is born again, that same evidence must apply to everyone who claims it, otherwise it is not evidence at all. That means that, according to the beliefs of most christians, anyone who posts verses about salvation would be saved. Anyone who successfully stops some fleshly sin would be born again. And, anyone who feels relief from guilt would be eternally adopted by the Almighty.

At the heart of these errors is a lack of understanding of what salvation even is. Christianity falsely teaches it is a decision man makes—that the power of salvation rests in man’s choice to be born again. That is a lie. Man does not have the power or authority to declare himself saved, or to choose to be saved.

Man’s duty is to believe in Messiah Yahoshua and confess Him before others. Period. The trying of that faith is what will result in receiving the covenant, and, as Messiah said, some will believe with all joy for awhile, but will fall away because they have no root (they never receive the source of life, who is the Holy Spirit). Salvation is received by the Father’s will, and in His timing.

Those who are truly born again are told by the Holy Spirit, directly and personally, that they are Yah’s children (Romans 8:16). And, the Spirit will do that in a communication that cannot be counterfeited by Satan or his demons.

Job 33:14-17 explains that it is when man sleeps that the Holy Spirit will speak to him for instruction, for warning, and for confirmation that he is Yah’s child. As Joseph said in Genesis 40:8, the interpretation of dreams belongs to Yah. Satan and his demons have no access to man’s subconscious thoughts (spirit). Their realm of activity is limited to our consciousness (soul).

If someone is told by the Holy Spirit in a dream that he is Yah’s child, then he is Yah’s child. That evidence is universal—anyone who is told by the Spirit that he is born again is born again. Period. And, on the first day the Holy Spirit’s seal on Messiah’s bride was revealed as the New Covenant available to all mankind, Peter stated what happens to those who receive Him (Acts 2:17).

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