When one understands what christianity is and where it came from, it should make it easier to see that the Holy Spirit has no part in it. And, having no part in it, since it is a counterfeit of the true faith, He would never lead someone into christianity—but, He is presently leading christians OUT of it to become believers (righteous) in the Father’s eyes.

In John 4:24, Messiah Yahoshua states that Yah is spirit, and they that worship Him must do so in spirit and in TRUTH. So, truth is a REQUIREMENT of genuine worship, which means that if error is a part of one’s worship, it is unacceptable (see: golden calf).

In the early centuries after all the NT writers had died, a counterfeit of the true faith was hatched by those who harbored an intense hatred of the physical Jews. Not understanding that the traditions, which were given first to those Jews, never belonged to the Jews, but are actually the Father’s traditions, those early christians stripped them all away from the faith, and adopted pagan replacements to make their new religion more Greco-Roman in nature, and completely separate from the Jews (even though Messiah is a Jew).

But, why did Paul tell the Gentile converts to “stand fast and keep the traditions” he had taught them? That word in the Greek is “paradosis,” and it is specifically the Jewish traditions, and the law of Moses dictated HOW those traditions were to be observed.

The law did not create the Father’s traditions, but mandated how those with the old covenant (ten commandments) were to observe those traditions physically (but those physical mandates were abolished at the cross, and the children of Yah are free to honor the Father’s traditions according to conscience, and not according to the physical ordinances of the law). Those traditions include the Sabbaths (weekly and feasts), the wedding traditions, and the temple ordinances and practices (especially those concerning the priestly duties surrounding the barley, wheat, and grape harvests).

Paul told the Gentiles to keep them because they are the physical foreshadows that provide the details of the spiritual real substances that are revealed in the New Testament. And, if one lacks the instruction of those details, then it will be far easier to lead him astray with spiritual error.

That’s what christianity has done over the centuries—it has led people astray with false teachings; and, those people don’t even realize they are still children of the devil because they lack the foundations of the faith that would help them discern between what are the traditions of men, and what is the Holy Spirit’s truth.

The new religion of christianity devised a completely separate set of traditions that were all hijacked from paganism—SUNday assembling in temples, christ-mass, easter/ishtar, and a salvation that is decided and declared by man, rather than the true salvation that comes after belief in and confession of Messiah Yahoshua, as both the Passover journey and the way of the tabernacle detail for us (both are part of the Father’s traditions).

Christianity’s salvation is nothing more than man declaring, by his own decision, that he has been adopted by the Almighty, but without ever being TOLD of that adoption by the Holy Spirit. It’s like a neighborhood kid just deciding that he is a legal member of your household, apart from your choosing to have him legally declared a member of your family, and a judge decreeing it.

I actually had a christian tell me that I was guilty of “mixing the Old Testament with the New Testament.” How illogical that is, when it is understood that scripture is all one volume! His assertion was like claiming someone is mixing a caterpillar and a butterfly, not understanding they are both the same animal.

Spiritual counterfeits ALL have a single source of origin (Satan), so there is no way for the Holy Spirit to be a part of that. And, christianity is most definitely a counterfeit of the Holy Spirit’s truths. The Holy Spirit will never lead anybody into Satan’s counterfeits, so He has no part in anyone being in christianity.

No, the Holy Spirit leads people OUT of christianity, and into the light of His truths. Once those who are lost in christianity actually see the many differences between the Spirit’s truths and what they have been taught by christianity, and believed, they will be shocked at just how deceived they truly were.

I know I was.

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