. . . that christianity altered the scriptures!

Matthew was a traditional Hebrew Jew. He didn’t write in Greek, but in Hebrew. Now, I am fully aware of the christian narrative that all of the New Testament was written in Greek, but that is simply false.

Matthew, Mark, John, James, and Peter were all traditional Hebrew Jews who struggled at first at the idea of Gentiles even being added to the faith. They were Hebrew speaking Jews who spent three years following their Jewish Messiah, and keeping themselves separate from the Gentiles by law. They didn’t speak to one another in Greek, but in Hebrew. They wrote to their fellow Jews about their Jewish Messiah, and they did that in Hebrew.

Moreover, Papias of Hieropolis (60-130 AD) recounted that Matthew’s Gospel was written in Hebrew, and others translated it the best they could. So, the notion that all of the New Testament was originally written (inspired) in Greek is just a lie that was propagated by christianity.

When one reads in an English translation of Matthew 1:21 that an angel told Joseph that the child who would be born would be called “jesus,” that is wholly false. Now, christian “scholars” will say that Joseph was told that Messiah’s name would be “IESOUS,” which is Greek.

Mary and Joseph were also both traditional Jews who spoke Hebrew. And, when Matthew recounts what the angel told Joseph, he recounted it in Hebrew. There is no way that the angel told Joseph any name other than what Messiah’s name actually was. And, being a Jew, He would never have been given a Greco-Roman name.

Here’s a side note: if Messiah had been given a Greco-Roman name, He never would have been allowed inside the temple, and we know that He was. Thus, we know that His name had to be of Hebrew origin.

Additionally, Matthew adds THE REASON Messiah would be given His specific name. Now, if the name He was to be given had no actual meaning, then there would be no reason for the angel to explain the reason for His name. The Greco-Roman invention “jesus” literally has ZERO meaning. It doesn’t translate to anything. The scriptures eventually got translated to Latin, and in Latin, “sus” means “swine.” But, the Latin manuscripts were not inspired to begin with.

Some “scholars” claim that “iesous” is merely a translation of Messiah’s name; however, that is quickly debunked because, if it were a translation, and His name means “Yah’s salvation,” then the Greek translation would have been something along the lines of “iesoteria,” as the Greek word for salvation is “soteria.” Names are not translated, they are transliterated. Messiah’s name is יְהוֹשֻׁ֙עַ֙, and that is transliterated “Yahoshua.”

Back to the meaning of His name. Matthew recounts that the angel told Joseph that Messiah would be given His name “because He will save His people from their sin.” Now, if He were given a name that has no literal meaning, why would the angel include that information? It would make no sense at all.

The fact is that the angel told Joseph that the child would be called “Yahoshua” BECAUSE He will save His people from their sin. Yahoshua literally means “Yah’s salvation,” and Yah is the name of the Father (as we’re told in Psalm 68:4. HalleluYAH).

Is there any proof in scripture of this fact? Well, in Zechariah 3:1, we’re told of a scene in heaven immediately after Messiah rose from the dead, and in this passage, He is given His glorified body. The Holy Spirit, who inspired the passage, tells us that Messiah’s name is יְהוֹשֻׁ֙עַ֙ (Yahoshua). There is no scripture ANYWHERE that states His name was ever changed—and, the scene in Zechariah is AFTER Messiah’s resurrection.

So, when your English bible states that Matthew wrote that the angel said “jesus,” there is no possible way that could ever be true (BTW—the letter J wasn’t even invented until the 15th century, and wasn’t used in literature until the 17th century). Thus, that specific verse was altered by men—christianity’s christians. And, if that verse was altered, then what about every other verse that claims Messiah’s name is “jesus”?

They are all the product of christian manipulation of the scriptures to strip away as much of the Jeweyness as they could. They hated the physical Jews passionately, and were driven by that hatred to disassociate themselves completely from all things Jewish. They didn’t understand that the physical Jews were only a foreshadow of the true Jews, who are made Jews spiritually by circumcision of the heart (Romans 2:29). Only those who are given the covenant are Y’isra-el, and the covenant was revealed on the Feast of Weeks (Acts 2). The physical Jews who rejected Messiah Yahoshua were cut off from Y’isra-el (Romans 11:20-23).

By stripping the faith of its true foundations, christianity was invented as a counterfeit of the true faith, and a false-named deity was concocted as a counterfeit of the real Messiah. Acts 4:12 tells us there is no other name given—there are not different versions of a name, different language equivalents, or different pronunciations. There is one name given—Yahoshua, Yah’s salvation—BELIEVE ON HIS NAME, which is to believe in the meaning of His name—Yah’s salvation.

Those same christians also abolished the Father’s traditions, which He gives to His children as family identification, and which also reveal His prophetic calendar.

No wonder they also devised their own false path to salvation that is devoid of the true path that is represented in the Father’s traditions.

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