In a dream I had, I was shown how christianity seeks to place its own desires above the expressed will of the Father and the truths taught by the Holy Spirit. In the dream, I was in a “church,” and was having a friendly conversation with someone from my childhood, and the topic of the christ-mass came up.

The person looked at me with a typical look of disbelief at what I was saying—I’ve seen the look many times, and I even imagine that I displayed the same puzzled look before the Holy Spirit illuminated these truths in my heart and mind. The look clearly said, “You’ve got to be kidding me,” and is the type of look one gives to someone who is thought to be severely misinformed about something–like when you talk to a liberal.

But, the response of this person is what showed me the heart of the christian christ-mass. He said, “Well, (pointing to heaven) someone needs to let whoever is in charge up there know just how great christmas is. Has anyone done that yet?”

That is the heart of it right there. Most christians couldn’t care less what the Father thinks of the counterfeit pagan days—because it’s only their feelings about those holydays that matter.

The Father tells us how He desires His children to live in relationship with Him in the first four commandments (worshiping Him in spirit). Obviously, most of christianity openly ignores the fourth commandment about His Sabbath; but, it also ignores the third commandment about not taking His name in vain.

That commandment really isn’t about speaking anything (like saying the “G.D.” phrase—and the Father’s name is not “God” anyway, as “God” is a title, not a name). What it actually means is that we are not to attach the Father (and by extension, His Son and the Holy Spirit) to what is false, worthless, or idolatrous, and that is exactly what the pagan christian christ-mass and easter/ishtar do. They attach His Son to what is false, worthless, and idolatrous.

In so doing, they also ignore the first commandment, for willfully rejecting the third and fourth commandments, and attaching Him to pagan days that were solely for the worship of other gods, it could hardly be thought that they are honoring Yahweh above all other gods.

And, judging by all the false pictures shared on Facebook that purportedly depict Christ, most christians have little regard for the second commandment as well.

And, that’s because the whole belief system is a counterfeit of the true faith.

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