It is common in christianity for its adherents to declare blindly that the Sabbaths were ended at the cross, and then use that error to support their observance of pagan days and traditions (SUNday, christ-mass, easter/ishtar, etc.). But, how do they arrive at such a position that is openly hostile to the Father’s traditions?

Most often, it is because they have been indoctrinated in false teachings that have been created by lifting individual passages of scripture out of their contexts to make them say things that are vastly different from what is actually stated.

There is not a single verse in all of scripture that declares an end to the Sabbaths—and, by “Sabbaths” (plural), it must be understood that the entire Sabbath system is a single unit that is comprised of the weekly Sabbath, the seven annual Sabbath feasts, the Sabbath year each seventh year, and the Jubilee, which is the year following every seven Sabbath years (every 50 years). As Paul said, the Sabbaths are of Messiah, and they ARE a shadow of THINGS TO COME (not things that were).

If one Sabbath is valid, the entire system is valid.

By perverting and distorting the things we are told in scripture, christianity hides the fact that, when it was created in the early centuries after the New Testament writers had all died, its inventors so hated the physical Jews that they sought to separate themselves from anything and everything associated with them.

In so doing, they stripped the faith of its foundations, falsely thinking those things belonged to the physical Jews, when, in fact, they all belong to the Father, and are the very traditions (Greek: “paradosis”) that Paul taught the Gentile converts to “hold fast and keep” (1 Corinthians 11:2, 2 Thessalonians 2:15).

Thus, an entire belief system was counterfeited from the truth, and most of those who remain in the counterfeit are so indoctrinated by its false teachings that they will commonly declare the opposite of what we’re told in scripture about the Sabbaths.

They openly pervert the two times after the resurrection that the “first day of the week” is mentioned in scripture to mean that believers assembled weekly on that day. Nothing could be further from the truth—and the contexts of those two passages reveal that the christian teachings about them are patently false.

There are only two mentions of that day of the week in the New Testament regarding the practice of the true faith by believers, and an actual delve into what was actually stated in those two passages shows that neither has anything to do with the weekly assembling of the ekklesia, and neither do those passages say anything about the Father altering or ending His own Sabbaths. So, isn’t basing one’s beliefs on nothing but what a counterfeit of the faith declares, which contradicts what the scriptures actually teach, an eternally unwise position to take?

Now, in all honesty, the Sabbaths were never given to christians. That is completely true. The Father’s Sabbaths are given to His family, which are those who have received the covenant—those who have been told, personally and directly, that they are His children. His Sabbaths are not given to those who are lost in christianity, the counterfeit of the true faith.

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