Such a sentiment comes from having zero understanding of the Creator and the specific things He has ordained. It is borne of the willful choice not to know those things He calls His. And yet, christians say it all the time, and it is preached from “church” pulpits regularly.

To state that Messiah can “come any day” is to regard the Father’s precise calendar as a waste of time, and Him as an impotent boob who designed an intricate system, only to abandon it because, if things start to sound too Jewey, christians immediately reject them, saying, “we are not under the law,” which is the christian “safe space” when faced with the Father’s traditions. “We are not under the law” is a correct statement, but not everything in the Old Testament was part of the law.

The Father’s traditions exist separately from the law.

In not understanding what the law means, or the traditions that are different from the law, and are given as a sign between the Father and His children, christianity stripped itself of spiritual understanding, and most christians think that prophetic times are unknowable. Thus, they read scriptures about things that will happen during the tribulation, and think those are the things to look for regarding the rapture of the bride. It’s how so many false teachers about “blood moons” and physical Israel have raked in millions of dollars—because of spiritual ignorance.

But, it’s all getting ready to get real, folks. Most likely, this year or next, the “day or hour no man knows,” which is what the Feast of Trumpets was called, will be fulfilled. And, there will be so many christians left, because they couldn’t be bothered with those Jewey-sounding things. What a tragedy!

Open your eyes, and see the truth, before you will have no ability to be barley (the bride), and the best you’ll be able to hope for is to be beheaded wheat (tribulation saints).

He who has ears, let him hear.

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