In matters of doctrine, where there is disagreement, either one side is right and the other is wrong, or both sides are wrong. The Holy Spirit’s truths are singular—He does not give varying versions of His truths to different people.

Most christians take the position that doctrinal disagreement with other christians is fine, as long as they “agree on the important things.” In what other facet of life would we think that some error and lies are okay, as long as we agree on some truth? This is how Satan deceives with religion—he sprinkles some truth into his purposeful error. What he draws men to is often not what looks dark and evil, but what looks wonderful and good.

There are reportedly more than 41,000 different christian denominations that all purport to believe the same bible, but teach contradicting doctrines (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary).

Most all of the false teachings of christianity are built around things that seem moral and uplifting, but in the end, are merely counterfeits of what is actually true. Moreover, the rituals that are most revered and celebrated in christianity are completely wrapped up in notions of “family” and “warmth.” Who could ever oppose making the children happy, after all?

Could one ever imagine the apostle Paul condoning such spiritual laziness and worldly compromise? Does Paul ever suggest that believers should accept anyone and everyone who claims to be a believer, regardless of the doctrines they espouse? No, Paul said that those who bring teachings that are false are to be shunned and avoided.

The christian holydays were devised in the centuries after all the New Testament writers had died, and those days were codified in the 4th century by Constantine (SUNday assembly, christ-mass, easter/ishtar, etc.). They are not found anywhere in scripture, and are, rather, counterfeits of the days that ARE taught in the scriptures.

Again, either one side is right and the other is wrong, or they are both wrong. Isn’t the truth more likely to be what is found in scripture, and not what was invented long after the scriptures were written?

And, if the “church” has lied about those things for so long, what makes you think christianity doesn’t also lie about the most important thing of all—salvation? Whether christians understand it or not, the counterfeit they follow presents a salvation that is decided by man, directed by man, and sealed by man—christianity merely pretends, by perverting scriptures, that there is divine intervention on man’s behalf when man declares himself to be saved.

The truth of the matter is this: salvation cannot be decided by man, but is a gift that is given by the Father after a person has believed in Messiah Yahoshua, confessed Him before others, and then waited to receive the covenant (the “trying of one’s belief”).

Any pastor, preacher, or teacher who tells you that your decision of belief meant that the Holy Spirit was given to you, is a liar. Plain and simple. He presents “another gospel” and a false salvation that perverts the Passover, and redesigns the way of the tabernacle, both of which present physical pictures (shadows) of the spiritual path to salvation.

Imagine that: the true Gospel of Yahoshua is the Passover, but christianity rejects it, and teaches a pagan fertility ritual instead.

Again, one is right and the other is wrong, or both are wrong. Isn’t what is shown by the ENTIRETY of scripture more likely to be spiritually true than individual verses that are lifted out of their contexts and misinterpreted, and which actually contradict the truths the Father shows by the whole of scripture (the original languages and contexts)?

The truths of the Holy Spirit always align with all of scripture and all of the Father’s traditions. Christianity blew off the Father’s traditions when it was invented centuries ago, so it lacks that compass of discernment to aid in determining what is true, and what is false, which is why Paul told the Gentile converts to “stand fast, and keep the traditions” he had taught them (1 Corinthians 11:2, 2 Thessalonians 2:15).

Christianity currently dupes 2.5 billion people on the planet. Messiah Yahoshua said of life in Him, “ . . . and few there be who find it.” Broad road vs. narrow road. The former SEEMS right to so many, but only the latter is truth. There is only one way to eternal life, and christianity presents a counterfeit of it.

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