We all see it on social media—some christians denounce halloween as demonic and evil, while others post cutesy pictures of decorated pumpkins and costumed children. And, then there are those who try to appease both sides by having the exact same celebration at their “church,” but just calling it something different like “trunk-or-treat” or “fall festival” (as if to fool the Almighty about what they’re doing).

Here’s the rub:

Zechariah 3. The scene is Messiah’s ascension to His Father right after His resurrection. Present there were the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and Satan.

Now, only one of those four is responsible for creating halloween. Any guesses? Before you answer, it should also be explained that the one who created halloween also created christ-mass, easter/ishtar, and SUNday assembling; and then he made sure that those holydays got tied to many emotionally-fueled things like “family” and the kiddies.

Now any guesses?

To decry halloween as the pagan worldliness that it is, and then to celebrate the christ-mass and easter/ishtar is abject hypocrisy. Add to that, falsely teaching that the Sabbath got changed to Sunday (even though such teaching is wholly unscriptural), and the sheer spiritual blindness that pervades christianity, the counterfeit of the true faith, becomes apparent.

Listen, I get it, you cannot imagine not celebrating those things that are so much a part of our culture, and which tickle your emotions to the fullest (all the warm feelings and joyful mirth “the season” offers). And, you’re totally free to do such things. Go for it, if you must. But, just understand that they have nothing at all to do with Messiah, the Perfect Passover Lamb.

They have nothing to do with anything the Creator gave to His true children as observances that identify them as His.

Those counterfeit holydays identify christians with the counterfeit of the true faith—the “falling away” of 2 Thessalonians 2:3. Those who have been made children of the Most High God choose to identify with Him on His days—His seventh-day Sabbath, and His seven annual Sabbaths (feasts). Those days are of His Son, they are a sign between Yah and His children, and they also reveal His prophetic calendar.

The christian calendar celebrates pagan gods, and reveals NOTHING about the coming things, which is why christianity offers so many different false versions of the “end times.” The christian calendar celebrates the flesh, while the ordained days of the Father celebrate His Son, and not only identify His children as being in His family, but also tie the ancient events recorded in scripture to the coming events that are getting ready to unfold in the very near future.

It is the empty revelry of a counterfeit belief system vs. the deep joy of anticipation given through the Father’s ordained traditions. Christianity vs. the truths of the Holy Spirit that glorify Messiah Yahoshua, the only begotten Son of Yah, and unite the true children of the Almighty—those who have been given the literal, personal, direct, and unique confirmation of the Holy Spirit that they have been given the spiritual covenant—the seal of the Holy Spirit.

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