The ability to see this correlation is a foundation of spiritual understanding. Often in christianity, what is taught in the Old Testament is rejected simply because there is no desire to understand the details of what is revealed in the New Testament. The OT shows us physical foreshadows that are not revealed as their real substances until the New Testament.

Thus, not understanding those images that were provided for us by physical representation, christianity has been able to deceive countless millions of people because the details that were provided are completely rejected (the common christian excuse for ignorance about things that sound too Jewey to them is that “we are not under the law”). They have no idea what any of it really means.

That is why Paul taught the Gentile converts to “stand fast and keep the traditions” he had taught them—because those physical foreshadows present the details of the spiritual real substances, making it less likely that someone will be deceived by false teachings.

Likewise, those in the Hebrew Roots cult don’t have the spiritual understanding to recognize what is physical, and what is spiritual, or the application of that correlation. So, they try to live in the foreshadow, treating the physical as if it is the spiritual real substance. That’s why they pretend to be “torah-obedient.” It’s because they don’t realize the spiritual meanings of those physical foreshadows, so they try to perform the physical, and never receive, or even understand, the spiritual.

Many in the cult of Hebrew Roots believe that several things that were foreshadowed for us physically in scripture hold no prophetic value, as they think they have already occurred. But, that is a product of having only physical knowledge, but not spiritual understanding. Yes, things have happened physically that are shown in scripture. But, the spiritual meanings of those things are yet to be manifested in their real substances—the true meanings of them.

Like lost orthodox Jews who reject Messiah, many in the Hebrew Roots cult believe that the bride will not be taken before the tribulation, and they think the bride will be on the earth during the millennial reign. Both of those beliefs are demonstrably false by what is revealed both in scripture and in the traditions.

That’s why Paul taught that the traditions are a shadow of things that are to come—the Sabbaths, the wedding traditions, and the temple ordinances and practices.

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