It would violate who He is.

As one who is led by the Holy Spirit, who indwells me by His own personal and direct testimony to me, it is not possible for the Holy Spirit to be a part of ANY Easter celebration. He stands in direct opposition to the false christian holydays that are nothing but pagan counterfeits of the true days the Father ordained—the days on which the events actually occurred, fulfilling specific ordained Sabbaths.

Yah is spirit, and they that worship Him MUST do so in spirit and in TRUTH (John 4:24).

Therefore, if someone claims that the “Holy Spirit moved” through their “church” celebration of “Palm Sunday,” “Good Friday,” or “Easter,” that person is deceived at best, or purposely dishonest at worst. It is likely that such a person really knows nothing about the Holy Spirit, and merely thinks that fleshly feelings are the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will NEVER be a part of any of the christian holydays, as they are lies, built upon pagan counterfeits. If He were to be a part of such celebrations, He would cease to be the Holy Spirit, as He cannot be in what is false. He cannot be in that which violates the Third Commandment—not to attach Yah to what is false/worthless/idolatrous, the actual meaning of the commandment not to take His name in vain.

Shame on any “pastor” who peddles the lies of christianity, and who refuses to preach the truths of the Holy Spirit, which are expounded in the Father’s traditions, and not in the cheap christianese knockoffs that are foolishly celebrated by blind religious folk (Matthew 7:21-23).

If one has not applied the doctrines that are revealed in the Passover to his life, he will not be redeemed. Plain and simple. So, it behooves everyone to learn those truths, and repent of the abject foolishness of the false christian holydays.

The Passover is THE PREPARATION—the path to salvation. Only fools would blow off the true path to salvation, and embrace, rather, christianity, a counterfeit that was invented after all the New Testament apostles had died, and was codified in the fourth century to draw people AWAY from Yah’s truths.

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