It happens often—the truths of the Holy Spirit are being shared with those who are staunchly entrenched in the traditions of men invented by christianity, and because those christians are so unfamiliar with the truths that the apostles in the New Testament all embraced and taught, they try to find some label with which to compartmentalize the one who speaks the Spirit’s truths.

Actually, that’s what the Greeks at Antioch did when they coined the satirical label “christian,” or “christianos” (“little messiah”), to mock and ridicule those who were Messiah’s followers (Acts 11:26). That was never a term the apostles embraced—they regarded it as a term of shame, which is why Peter listed it with other terms of shame in 1 Peter 4:16. Most folks who falsely believe the term to be positive and good are simply too lazy to consider the actual context of what Peter was saying in that passage.

Because all religions and denominations contain grains of spiritual truth (that’s how Satan deceives people into them), those who try to marginalize by labeling simply equate what they don’t understand with any of the religions that are different from their own—not understanding that they are ALL of man, and thus, not of the Holy Spirit. They often try to claim that the one with the Spirit is either in the JW cult, or is a fringe lunatic like Joseph Smith. The Pharisees did the same thing with Yahoshua the Messiah—claiming He was demon possessed.

Because the Holy Spirit’s truths always align perfectly with all of scripture (in its original languages and proper contexts) and all of the Father’s traditions, one of the most common labels they try to level against the true believer is “Hebrew Roots.”

As I stated, all religions and denominations and “movements” have some truth in them—and the Hebrew Roots movement does properly condemn the pagan counterfeits within christianity, and also recognizes that the Father’s ordained Sabbaths have never been altered. But, that is the extent of the HRM’s truth. Beyond that, the HRM is a cult of Judaizers who try to place people under the written law, and who tout their self-righteousness by pretending to be “Torah obedient,” which is a blatant lie.

Just like christianity, the HRM sees only the physical, and doesn’t possess the understanding of what is physical, what is spiritual, and how they are correlated. Both sides of the aisle—christianity and the HRM—see the Creator as schizophrenic. Christianity thinks He is New Testament now, and is no longer Old Testament, while the HRM thinks He never stopped being Old Testament, and discounts Paul’s teachings as either not properly understood, or just plain false.

It is the understanding given by the Holy Spirit that allows one to see the whole of scripture as a single volume containing physical foreshadows followed by their spiritual real substances being revealed. It is that understanding that illuminates the true meanings and significance of the Father’s traditions, and with which true believers choose to identify with Yah’s family by embracing the sign of identification He gave to His children.

Anyone who claims that the Father’s traditions were ended at the cross doesn’t know Him. Likewise, those who claim that obedience to the written commandments is either necessary for salvation, or the evidence of it, don’t know Him. Those who tout things like “unclean food” simply don’t have the understanding of the Holy Spirit to know the meanings and purpose of those foreshadows. Every religion is the mixture of spiritual truth with man’s error. The Holy Spirit’s truths are singular—there are not varying versions of it given to different people. The Holy Spirit leads nobody into any religion.

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