It is the Holy Spirit who gives man spiritual understanding to be able to discern His meanings in scripture. Luke 24:45 is a good example of that. The disciples knew the physical words of scripture (better than most of us, as the scriptures were written in their native language), but they didn’t actually understand their meanings until the Holy Spirit opened their eyes, and showed them those meanings. This is further explained in 1 Corinthians 2:14.

While christianity lacks the spiritual understanding to be able to see how the Father’s traditions are so vital to the faith (those traditions include the Sabbaths, the wedding traditions, and the temple ordinances and practices), the other side of the aisle that goes by “Hebrew Roots” or “Hebraic Roots” is just as blind spiritually.

One area of that vast blindness is in the clean vs. unclean laws; but, within that, Satan has deceived so many of them using only the dietary restrictions that were placed on the ancient Jewish people. You see, Yah makes it clear in Deuteronomy 14:2 WHY He placed those restrictions on them—and it had nothing to do with health. The dietary laws were only part of the entire clean vs. unclean construct, which was a barrier to keep Jews and non-Jews separate as a PICTURE of a future spiritual real substance—the bride keeping herself separate from the world (the spiritual real substance is shown in the New Testament as light and darkness having no fellowship).

So, the deception of Satan is to delude these folks into thinking that the word “unclean” means “unhealthy.” But, nothing could be further from the truth. “Unclean” simply meant “not able to enter the temple.” But, why would Satan bother to do such a thing—confuse folks into buying the “unclean” means “unhealthy” lie? He does it because, taking people back under the law of Moses negates their being led by the Holy Spirit. The written law of Moses was a physical foreshadow of the Holy Spirit, and if one embraces the shadow, he ignores the real substance. So, one can either be led by the written law (shadow), or by the Holy Spirit (what the shadow symbolized).

Those who have been deceived by this perversion of truth cling to it as if it makes them more righteous in the Father’s eyes (but, works are not the basis of righteousness), and they falsely claim that they are doing the Father’s will—but, they are actually rejecting the Holy Spirit, and perverting the true meanings of the scriptures.

While they proudly tout their observance of Leviticus 11, they keep quiet about Leviticus 15, which would mandate that the women in their houses could not touch their furniture, or anything in their houses, for a few days each month, as that would make those things unclean. Leviticus 11 and 15 are ALL part of the same set of laws, so adhering to one while ignoring the other is HYPOCRISY, and that’s the plight of everyone who claims to be “Torah obedient.” They are hypocrites.

I’ve never heard any “Torah obedient” person preach against having dogs, and yet, scripture uses dogs to represent what is evil and immoral. So, if it’s fine to embrace one animal that is used symbolically in scripture, it’s fine to accept them all. Pigs and dogs are both used symbolically. Ephesians 2 makes it clear that the clean vs. unclean laws were ALL abolished in Messiah, as He took down the barrier that separated Jews and Gentiles—because that was a foreshadow (a picture) of a future revealed real substance, which is the bride and the world.

Because those laws were abolished in Messiah, there is now, therefore, no such thing as “unclean food,” just as the women in your household don’t make your furniture unclean once a month.

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