NO, the WORD is NOT your bible. The WORD is the One who inspired the words of scripture. He is not a book. Your English bible is a human translation of those words.

NO, the “CHURCH” is not the called out assembly, but a counterfeit of her, and is derived from “Circe,” who is the ancient goddess daughter of the sun god, and he is ultimately Baal.

NO, being a CHRISTIAN has nothing to do with being born again, but is simply a member of christianity, a counterfeit of the true faith. During the NT era, the word was used only by the world as an epithet, an insult. It meant “little messiah.” It wasn’t embraced until the one true faith was altered after all the New Testament apostles had died, and then christianity was codified as a counterfeit of the faith in the fourth century by the sun-worshiping emperor. That’s when the term “christian” was adopted by christianity’s adherents, and is why christianity’s holydays come directly from Babylonian sun worship (SUNday assembling, christ-mass, easter/ishtar, etc.).

NO, the SABBATH is not SUNday, which is a counterfeit of the Sabbath. The Lord’s Day has always been the seventh day.

NO, being a JEW, spiritually, has nothing to do with one’s physical bloodline. Those who are indwelt by the Covenant (Holy Spirit) are the true Jews.

NO, Y’ISRA-EL is not an earthly nation, but a spiritual body–it is the name of Messiah’s bride.

NO, BAPTISM is not a declaration of anything that has happened. Water baptism, which is a physical foreshadow, can be an invitation to be cleansed by the Holy Spirit. True salvation is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Once one has received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the only thing water baptism will accomplish is getting someone wet.

NO, SALVATION is not a decision made by man. It is a gift given by the Father after one has repented of his unbelief (which is to believe in Messiah Yahoshua), and has confessed Him before others. It is not something man can declare of himself.

NO, CIRCUMCISION has nothing to do with the means of human reproduction, but is the means of spiritual reproduction–only those who are spiritually circumcised can reproduce others who are spiritually circumcised. That’s what Peter and John did in Acts 8:14-17.

YES, words matter. And, unfortunately, most people don’t realize that specific words can have two different meanings–a physical meaning and a spiritual one. They can be used as both the physical foreshadow and the spiritual real substance. The true meaning of something is the spiritual meaning, not the physical. The physical only aids in the understanding of the spiritual.

Organized religions, like christianity, are built around not understanding what is physical foreshadow, and what is spiritual real substance. That is the primary reason most people cannot see that the whole of scripture is one volume, not two. The OT presents physical foreshadows, and the NT reveals the spiritual real substances of those foreshadows.

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