While this question probably represents the most important eternal matter in anyone’s life, christians are often taken aback by it, and they claim things like “nobody told me, I just am,” or “the bible is ‘God’s word,’ and He tells me in the bible that I am born again.” These are typical responses from those who have believed the lies about salvation taught by so much of the “church.”

When the truth is presented to most christians, they often fight vehemently against it, because, seriously considering what is being shared with them means they have to come face to face with the fact that they have believed lies, and when that sinks in, they realize that the “decision” they made, or the prayer they prayed, didn’t actually save them.

So, rather than dealing with the truth, many foolishly cling to the false security they have in the lies.

To state that nobody needs to tell you that you are born again is like saying that a child can declare his own adoption, apart from the adoptive parent’s decision to adopt, and apart from any actual legal decree being made. And, the false notion that one doesn’t literally need to be told he’s born again also comes from the erroneous christian teaching that the bible is the “living Word.”

It’s not. It is words. And, apart from the living Word, who, to the bride, is the Holy Spirit, those words might as well be the words in a phone book.

The power of scripture is not in the words themselves, but in the Author of those words. The disciples knew the actual words of scripture better than most of us do, because those words were inspired in their native tongue. But, before what happened to them in Luke 24:45, they didn’t understand the meanings of those words. When their eyes were opened, they finally saw the actual power BEHIND the words of scripture—their spiritual meanings.

So, if you think you don’t need to be told that you are born again, chances are, you’re not.

And, if you think that the scriptures can confirm to you that you are born again, see the previous statement, for there is not a single verse in the entirety of scripture that can tell any human he has been born again. Only the Author can do that; and He doesn’t confirm anybody’s salvation in writing.

The Holy Spirit’s confirmation that one has been born again is given directly to the believer. It is personally given to the believer. It is unique to each believer. It is not a feeling. It is not a desire. It is not what one thinks about something, or what one believes about anything. It is literal, not metaphorical or symbolic. And, without it, one has ZERO claim to salvation.

Saving belief is not merely the belief a human has about Messiah, but is a belief that has been completed by the giving of the Covenant, which is the eternal seal of the Holy Spirit.

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