Because of the hatred the inventors of christianity had for the Jewish people, they pilfered actual spiritual truth that came through the physical Jews and merged it together with pagan rituals and customs. In so doing, they created what is known today as “christianity,” and those who embrace that religion are called “christians.”

Originally, the term “christians,” first coined by the Greeks at Antioch (Acts 11:26), meant “little messiahs,” and was a name only the world used—it was an insult, or epithet, against believers. It was never a term that New Testament believers embraced for themselves—they always equated the label with something meant to shame them. Christians today are largely ignorant of the history of that name, and will typically fight vehemently to prove their erroneous understanding of it to be something it never was during the New Testament era.

The term was not embraced until long after all the NT writers had died, and it now merely identifies those who are followers of the religion called “christianity.”

All religions contain elements of truth, and that is how Satan uses them to deceive.

Because of their vast hatred of the physical Jews, the inventors of christianity made a grave spiritual error, and they did so because they were spiritually blind—they were not led by the Holy Spirit. They viewed everything the physical Jews practiced as belonging to the Jews, rather than understanding that those traditions actually belong to the Father.

They also failed to grasp that one who is a true “Jew” denotes anyone of any race or bloodline who has been given the covenant—and the NEW covenant was given to Messiah’s bride on the Feast of Weeks (Acts 2). Anyone who has not been given the NEW covenant is not of Y’isra-el (the physical Jews who rejected Messiah were cut off from Y’isra-el, as Paul explained in Romans 11).

So, christianity’s inventors rejected the Sabbaths (weekly and feasts), which are a sign between Yah and His children, and they openly renounced anything that could remotely be associated with the Jews, even though Messiah is a Jew, and Paul taught in Romans 2:29 that those who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit are the spiritual real substance of the title “Jew.” The physical Jews were only a foreshadow of the spiritual Jews, who are the real substance of the name.

Even their early creed refers to the “christian religion,” and, as ALL religions are of man, they admitted that christianity is of man—THEY called it a “religion.”

What christianity did was to reject the very family sign that the Father gives to His children as family identification. When one rejects the family, he rejects the Father; and when one rejects the Father, he rejects the Son. And, those who reject the Son do not receive the seal of the Holy Spirit (the covenant). And, as Romans 8:9 says, those who do not have the Spirit do not belong to Messiah.

Will the traditions save? Of course not. But, those who reject the Father’s traditions as the foundations of the faith they are can only be viewed with serious spiritual suspicion. And, rightfully so, for the very religion (christianity) that was invented by rejecting the things of the Father also peddles its own version of salvation that is devoid of the true role and authority of the Holy Spirit, placing the power of salvation into the hands of man, claiming that it is man who controls justification by his own decision to be adopted as a child of Yah.

Woe to those who trust such a religion for their eternal well-being!

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