Many people don’t think of that final day of judgment as the legal proceeding it will be. In fact, most people don’t think about actual spiritual truths at all. Just as justification is a legal matter, so will judgment be.

Those who look to their bible as the confirmation of their salvation will have to figure out a way to get their bible into their judgment, for if that is the only evidence someone has, then he’ll need to find a way to present that evidence to the Judge.

Unfortunately, there will be no KJVs in heaven. There will be no translations of the scriptures in any form in heaven. Won’t those who place their KJV as being “on par” with the Holy Spirit be surprised—no, terrified? And yet, so many of them are arrogantly deceived that their KJV is the inspired “word” of Yah. Sorry, it’s just not. It is a human translation of scripture, and no scripture can confirm a person’s salvation, so a translation of scripture, like the KJV, certainly cannot confirm that one is born again.

Those who will present their case to the Father for why they believe they were given eternal life will be very disappointed at the results of their judgment, for those who have an Advocate in Messiah Yahoshua will NOT SPEAK at all. He is their attorney, and He is the one who will plead the cases of those who are His (those who are His according to Romans 8:9).

They are those who have the Witness within them (1 John 5:10), and when the Advocate presents evidence to the Father, He will call the Witness to testify of the believer’s righteousness. The Father will then declare the believer “not guilty” without the believer ever uttering a word.

Those who do not have the Witness also do not have the Advocate. They will be left to defend themselves, which is self-justification (and many christians attempt to use written words to justify themselves). When evidence is requested, it will be those who shared Yah’s truths with them who will be called, and they will show that those people heard the truth, but rejected it.

I urge you to ponder these truths—not just as some fantasy, or far-fetched scenario, but as the actual process every human will go through one day. Those who are not guilty by reason of being in Messiah will still be judged for reward, and that is where committing sins of the flesh vs. denying the flesh will be adjudicated—but it will be only for reward, for there will never be any condemnation for them.

So, what evidence have you been given, directly, personally, and uniquely, whereby you know that the Witness is in you, which guarantees the advocacy of Messiah at your judgment?

If you have nothing more than written words, or feelings about things you have heard or read, then you should be alarmed, for the confirmation that comes from the Holy Spirit is NEVER in writing, and it is NEVER a feeling.

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