A few years ago, I had come across a post someone had made about the “world ending,” and the comments were the typical unlearned christianese posts about how nobody knows when the rapture will happen, and that we’re not to speculate on such matters, so I shared a little bit of the Spirit’s truths about these things, explaining the actual meanings of the scriptures that apply, and, out of nowhere, an angry christian came into the conversation—on an anger scale of 1 to 10, he was already at a 12 when he started.

I went to his Facebook page, and saw that he is a singer in a Southern Gospel quartet—most people who follow such things probably know the group, and know of him. I had never heard of him myself.

So, I began asking him questions to expose the errors in his beliefs, and he started rebuking me in the name of Gee-Zeus, saying I was demonic, and all sorts of other christian stuff like that. He had no interest in actually learning about these things, only in condemning things about which he was wholly ignorant.


Someone asked if I had seen what was in our back yard, so I went to the door, and saw a neighbor carrying a huge, black, hairy, creature that appeared to be a cross between a bear and a wild boar. It looked vicious, but at the same time, I really couldn’t tell if it was real or fake. The neighbor set it down, and I noticed there were a few others, of various sizes, already there. Their sizes ranged from that of a large cow to a medium-sized bear.

While they appeared fake, when I looked at them long enough, I could see they were actually alive, but they just stood there doing nothing. I felt like I should be afraid of them, but I really didn’t know. I remember thinking that they looked like demonic creatures.

Then, suddenly, a small one (same type of creature—black, hairy, cross between a bear and a boar), about the size of medium-sized dog (much smaller than all the others), came running at me, making it clear he was on the attack—he was growling and threatening sounding. I knew he was coming for me. As he got close to me, I took one very aggressive step toward him, and he went scampering into the woods whimpering, and he was gone.

Once that happened, I knew the other mean-looking creatures were just as cowardly, and I started moving aggressively toward them, which made them run away as well.

Oh, yeah, once it was apparent that “angry christian singer” couldn’t answer my fairly simple spiritual questions, and his Gee-Zeus rebukes hadn’t worked, he blocked me (and so did a FB friend of mine who happened to be in the same quartet as “angry christian singer”).

Sadly, “angry christian singer” doesn’t even realize that his soul is in peril, or that he is dwelling in the delusion of the enemy. He made it clear that he’s a good christian (maybe just a bit nasty with his online temper), but he knows nothing of what it means to be a born again believer. He uses his false carnal knowledge of scripture (which he doesn’t understand spiritually) as a weapon with which he tries to win a battle in a war he’s already lost (John 3:18, Hebrews 3:19).

And, BTW—the Holy Spirit, with scripture AND the Father’s traditions, does indeed tell us when the prophetic texts will play out. “Angry christian singer” just doesn’t know these things, because he has been taught things that are false.

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