The Holy Spirit confirms, directly, that those who have been adopted by the Father are His children (1 Corinthians 1:6-8, Romans 8:16). He does that in a manner that Satan cannot counterfeit, as Satan has no access to our subconscious thoughts. Our conscious thoughts dwell in the spiritual realm, which is where Satan and his demons dwell, so they can influence our thoughts, which ultimately can have an effect on our actions, if we entertain them in our thoughts.

The communication that the Holy Spirit does through our subconscious is called “dreaming.”

Joseph stated who the interpretation of dreams belongs to in Genesis 40:8. Elihu explained why and how the Father speaks to people in their dreams in Job 33:14-16. And, on the very day that the Holy Spirit was poured out as the New Covenant, Peter declared what happens to those to whom the Holy Spirit is given in Acts 2:17.

Now, not only does He confirm to Yah’s children that they are His, after He does that, He will at times instruct them, warn them, and He will affirm and reaffirm them. Sometimes, He reveals things to us about situations we are in, or people with whom we are interacting.

That’s exactly what He has done, and continues to do, with me. I often see dreams of judgment around me, but I am always exempt from all the judgment—it doesn’t touch me.

Those dreams have been coming since the dream He gave in which I was shown that I am a child of Yah; but He revealed in that dream that I am a soldier in Messiah’s army, and also that the accuser against me has been vanquished. He gives me dreams that warn of the dangers of the false teachings that He compels me to expose and correct—those false teachings are typically either from christianity or hebrew roots.

If He has not spoken to you in dreams and/or visions, ask Him why.

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