They are both right . . . and they are both wrong.

There is not a single rapture event . . . there are three harvests with many raptures.

The harvest of the barley is comprised of both the OT saints, who were the Firstfruits wave offering of the barley harvest, and the bride, who was sealed on the Feast of Weeks 49 days after Messiah’s resurrection.

Since that day in Acts 2, there have been many, many raptures, as each time someone who is sealed by the Spirit dies, his soul is raptured, which simply means it is “caught up” into heaven. On the final day of the barley harvest, those of the bride who remain on the earth will be “caught up” in the air to meet the Bridegroom, along with those believers who have physically died since Acts 2. That will occur on the Feast of Trumpets.

That event will end the barley harvest and begin the wheat harvest (tribulation). Unlike barley, which is easily separated from its chaff (flesh), the wheat will have to be CUT OPEN first before it’s winnowed.

With the exception of the 144,000 male virgins who are physical Jews that are sealed by the Spirit, all other believers will have to “endure to the end” to be covered by the Spirit at their deaths—that is when they will actually be saved, and that is why scripture refers to so many who will be beheaded.

Just as the “come up hither” statement of Rev. 4:1 ends the barley harvest, the “come up hither” statement of Rev. 11:12 will end the wheat harvest, which will then begin the grape harvest—Armageddon.

Christianity stripped the faith of its true foundations when it was invented as a counterfeit of the true faith, and that is why there is so much confusion about these truths—not knowing the harvests, the feasts, and the wedding traditions, christians are missing a vital compass by which to discern these truths. The prophetic calendar is presented in the Father’s traditions, but christianity rejected and outlawed those traditions when it was invented in the early centuries after all the NT writers had died.

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